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Below are the details of various dams , plants of the Damoday Valley Project... Maithon Hydel Power Station is located on the river Barakar about 12.9 km above its confluence with the Damodar near the border of Dhanbad and Burdwan districts of the states of Jharkhand and West Bengal respectively. It takes a southerly turn from Bardhman town and joins river Hugli about 50 km upstream from Kolkata. Installed capacity of 2, 60,000 KW of hydroelectricity at various dam sites. The Corporation came into existence on 7th July, 1948 as the first multipurpose river valley project of independent India. Two dams across the rivers Barakar and Damodar were built at Maithon in 1957 and Panchet in 1959. All Rights Reserved. The gas turbine is of self-contained modular form having the inherent advantage of quick start-up facility to meet system peak demand under adverse system conditions and also for black start after system failure. DVC has also four dams, a barrage and a network of canals (2494 km) that play an effective role in water management. This dam has been constructed on Barakar river. Promotion of public health through control on malaria and other diseases as a result of proper drainage of water. 02, pp. It has been constructed on Barakar River, a little upstream from the confluence of river Damodar and Barakar. The Damodar Flood Enquiry Committee suggested a comprehensive plan. Ranchi and The left bank Damodar canal is a navigation-cum-irrigation canal connecting Kolkata with the Damodar valley coalfields. Man-made floods. BTPS ‘B’ was commissioned during the period between 1986 and 1993. This plan was based on the memorandum submitted by W.L. Storing of monsoon rain water in dams and barrage further aggravated the problem of siltation in the river bed instead of replenishing the fertility of the land as the annual flushing was greatly checked. What is more, AVEVA NET helped DVC to store all relevant documentation—design, drawing data and historical information on equipment failures—on a single server so that retrieval of data is now just a mouse-click away, helping DVC retrieve documents from a single window. MTPS is located at Durlavpur in the Bankura district in West Bengal. Established in 1948, Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC) is an integrated power major. kms between the states of Bihar (now Jharkhand) & West Bengal. The Durgapur barrage on river Damodar was constructed in 1955 for the supply of irrigation water to the districts of Burdwan, Bankura & Hooghly. This called for a superior information management solution that would be cost-effective and easy to work with, and that could manage information across the entire life cycle of the power plant. Drawbacks of the Damodar valley project Get the answers you need, now! Disclaimer 9. Construction on this dam started in 1950 and it was completed in 1955. 4. As a result, the Go… Electrical switchyard of CTPS is a pride of DVC, being India’s biggest network. In this Project known as Damodar Valley Project (DVP), four big dams viz. Its affluent water utilization plant has a dual purpose of water conservation and minimization of liquid affluent discharge. Flood in the lower Damodar Basin has a long history since the first recorded flood of 1730. Having learned lessons from past projects, DVC wanted a rich data environment that would provide all the information related to potential shutdown issues and the associated documents and photographs – and all at the click of a button. By April 1947, full agreement was practically reached between the three Governments of Central, West Bengal and Bihar on the implementation of the scheme and in March 1948, the Damodar Valley Corporation Act (Act No. The valley has been ravaged frequently by floods at varying intensities. The river spans over an area of 25,000 sq. Kolkata. Its gross storage capacity is 1,357 million cubic metre. It has 2 generating units of 2 MW each with a provision for 3rd future unit of the same capacity. MYSORE 2. Rocket Launches in India were some of the biggest challenges faced by the country. This neck of highland forms the watershed AVEVA NET and AVEVA PDMS were used to help analyse boiler tube leakages in all DVCs thermal power plants. Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC) was the first multi-purpose river valley project in Independent India. Answered Drawbacks of the Damodar valley project 2 See answers Four consultants appointed by the Government of India examined it. CB3 0HB, UK, © 2020 AVEVA Group plc and its subsidiaries. DVC also plans to extend the use of Digital Asset technology using AVEVA NET to all its operating units, and intends to start training plant personnel in its use. It originates from Mahabaleshwar, a hill station in the Sahyadris Mountain Range. Damodar is a small river tributary to the Hugli River. The vision is to employ AVEVA NET as an enterprise-level asset Information Management tool. Additional land reclamation for agriculture. DVC, a legacy to the people of India, emerged as a culmination of attempts made over a whole century to control the wild and erratic Damodar river. Serious floods occurred in 1730, 1823, 1848, 1856, 1882, 1898, 1901, 1916, 1923, 1935 & 1943.The river spans over an area of 25,000 sq. On Damodar in Bihar. Keywords: Dams, Defunct Drainage, Environmental Sustainability, Flood, Multipurpose project, Suggested Citation:

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