cody davis vs ray scott

Her political grandstanding caused her to lose her business license. Wondering how to vote in the upcoming primary election on Tuesday, June 30, 2020? Also, AnneLandmanBlog recommends voting for anyone besides Janet Rowland for Commissioner District 3. This resistance took years and unbelievable courage by men and women who put their lives and fortunes on the line for freedom from oppressive rule. 2034 I-70 Frontage Rd, Old US Highway 6, De Beque, CO 81630, Restore, preserve and enhance spine mobility, Keeping the river clean is a priority for everyone. It is most important that Dear Little Cory be retired from the senate seat. We are a nonprofit association. He has been on several committees such as energy, agriculture and natural resources, transportation and much more. How long before citizens challenge oppressive rule? Cody Davis is the Republican candidate who did a Facebook video for his campaign page with six employees of the Mesa County Department of Human Services Leadership Team including the Director of Human Services. Required fields are marked *. There are states being governed where the citizens are given the facts and then are trusted to make sound decisions based on their lives and their needs. I wrote previous blog about John Davis which may give you some insight into the family Cody comes from. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Copyright © 2020 AnneLandman We meet twice a year. Cody was born and raised in the Grand Valley and is a fifth generation native. And yet, there they all are, participating as taxpayer-funded employees in a campaign video. His relationships with both federal and state legislatures will also become a resource needed as we move forward. I hope people see it is my intention to show transparency, do things out in the open, and not in some back room somewhere.”. Scott Davis, 63. Finally, some of the colonists declared enough and began to fight back against King George. I don’t have info about County Commissioner District 1 candidate Cody Davis, but his father, John Davis, ran against incumbent Commissioner John Justman in 2016, and that was a typical, nutty Mesa County Republican hoot. Violating the Comment Policy can result in termination of comment privileges. This experience and knowledge of working together is what we are going to need as our county recovers. Scott Davis' Reputation Profile. View Photos. Ray Scott is the clear choice for Mesa County Commissioner District 1 as we need to elect the experience and strong voice that we are going to need for the road to recovery. Cody Davis July 14 at 6:35 AM The truth about the American founding is that it was mired in moral ... conflict, yet it emerged (and continues to do so) from the global state of racism and slavery existent then. About Cody. By all means, campaign virtual meeting videos with voters should be completely transparent and not done in some backroom somewhere where no voters could actually see or participate in the de facto campaign commercial. Far too many of the states are governed by oppressive rulers who issue dictates in random manner, with differing rules that make no common sense, continuing to destroy the economy and the lives of the citizens. State election officials say they will investigate charges that a candidate for Mesa County commissioner broke the law by utilizing county employees in a campaign video. Since there is no other Democratic contender for this seat, Bielfuss will not appear on the primary ballot. What do all of us in Mesa County expect for our future going forward due to the COVID-19 pandemic? Message. Hint: hold onto your seats. Race for Mesa County Commissioner: Ray Scott vs. Cody Davis WesternSlopeNow Race Mesa County Commissioner: Scott Cody Davis FSU offers South Georgia DE/LB Thomas Davis - 247Sports I want a new face and as an unaffiliated voter I’m picking Lauren Boebert who defeated the local government (in court) that wanted to close down her business. Your email address will not be published. Ray Scott will be handling the state budget shortfall over the next few weeks and will be challenging any tax increase they may impose on the voters. Beginning in 1773, after many years of British rule under King George, the oppressive regulations and taxes were wrecking the economy and the lives of the colonists. The Elections Division of the Colorado Secretary of State’s office notes from Fenwick’s complaint: “The taxpayer funded time for these employees to appear at Davis’ campaign events was above $50.00.”. Some of our members are old, including me. He will have a better understanding of how to expand our resources, build and maintain our infrastructure and help businesses with tax cuts where he can and reducing fees where he can.

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