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15, 192–195. Res. They extend the Rodrigues Ridge up to the CIR axis. Geophys. AGU Res. People born in Rodrigues island are called Rodriguans. The compilation of Sea Beam data from R/VSonne cruises SO43 and SO52, and R/VCharcot cruises Rodriguez 1 and 2 provides an almost continuous bathymetric coverage of a 450-km-long section of the ridge axis. National dishes include sausages with kreolinės, rougaille sauce, octopus with curry, kono-kono (a shellfish) salad and Rodrigues cake. Res. Geophys. North of 22°S, two discontinuities have map geometries that have not been observed previously on slow-spreading ridges. 344, 427–431. Res. However, even in its original state, Rodrigues had some karst, while Mauritius even after suffering 500 years of deforestation can by no means be called "desert" even in a colloquial sense.[6]. Shaw, P. R., 1988, An Investigation of Small-Offset Fracture Zone Geoid Waveforms,Geophys. Patriat, P. and Parson, L. M., 1989, A Survey of the Indian Ocean Triple Junction Trace Within the Antarctic Plate. [5] Rodriguan Creole is very similar to Mauritian Creole, though some words are pronounced differently. The other two islands were subsequently rediscovered. Res. Lonsdale, P., Blum, N. and Puchelt, H., 1992, The RRR Triple Junction at the Southern end of the Pacific-Cocos East Pacific Rise,Earth Planet. 95, 17583–17604. Rodrigues enjoys a mild tropical maritime climate with persistent trade winds blowing throughout the year. Geophys. Res. January to March are the hottest months and August is the coolest month. Res. Parmentier, E. M. and Phipps-Morgan, J., 1990, Spreading Rate Dependence of Three-dimensional Structure in Oceanic Spreading Centres,Nature An endemic species of bat, the Rodrigues flying fox, is currently listed as endangered on the IUCN Red List. Geophys. © 2020 Springer Nature Switzerland AG. Geophys. Detailed, interactive and static maps of Rodrigues and satellite images for Rodrigues. Chen, Y. and Morgan, W. J., 1990a, Rift Valley/no Rift Valley Transition at Mid-Ocean Ridges,J. 19, 13–16. Morgan, W. J., 1978, Rodriguez, Darwin, Amsterdam, ⋯, a Second Type of Hotspot Island,J. Farming was not successful, but there was an abundance of tortoises, turtles, birds, fish and other seafood. Rodrigues is an island that needs to be discovered on foot, whether it is an inland trip or a trip along the edge of the lagoon. Geophys. 9, 73–86. volume 17, pages431–467(1995)Cite this article. The island used to be the tenth District of Mauritius; it gained autonomous status on 10 December 2002, and it is governed by the Rodrigues Regional Assembly. Wessel, P. and Smith, W. H. F., 1991, Free Software Helps Map and Display Data,Eos Trans. Res. Kappel, E. S. and Ryan, W. B. F., 1986, Volcanic Episodicity and a Non-Steady State Rift Valley Along Northeast Pacific Spreading Centers: Evidence from Sea MARC I,J. The axial depth of the CIR increases from 3200 m at 20°S to 4000 m at the RTJ. The ADS is operated by the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory under NASA Cooperative 19, 1787–1790. Fox, P. J., Grindlay, N. R. and Macdonald, K. C., 1991, Mid-Atlantic Ridge (31°S-34°30S): Temporal and Spacial Variations of Accretionary Processes,Mar. 8, 693–697. Marine Geophysical Researches (or is it just me...), Smithsonian Privacy Rodrigues is divided into 14 municipalities or zones. 52, 1133–1145. Geophys. Present address: GRGS-UMR 39, CNRS, Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées, 14, Ave E. Belin, 31400, Toulouse, France, Institute of Oceanographic Sciences, Deacon Laboratory, Wormley, England, You can also search for this author in Structural analysis of the segmentation of the Central Indian Ridge between 20°30′S and 25°30′S (Rodriguez Triple Junction). 15, 121–152. A., 1985, Tectonics of Short-Offset, Slow-Slipping Transform Zones in the FAMOUS Area, Mid-Atlantic Ridge,Mar. Res. The ridge is associated with a belt of earthquake epicentres and, hence, is seismically active. During the 18th century several attempts were made by the French to develop the island. - PubMed Google Scholar, Briais, A. 253, 986–994. 3, 295–315. [1] Volcanic rocks from the Rodrigues Island are, however, similar to 1,58-1,30 Ma-old rocks from Réunion and Mauritius and the Rodrigues Ridge can't therefore have originated on the CIR leaving the Réunion hotspot the most likely candidate. Res. Eng. There is also a public swimming pool at Marechal, a village located in the center of the island, and a stadium at Camp Du Rois in the region of Port Mathurin. For statistical purposes, the zones are further subdivided into a total of 182 localities. 72, 441. This diffuse boundary was probably initiated in the Late Miocene and is probably related to opening of Gulf of Aden and the uplift of the Himalayas. [2][1], The only above-water structure near the CIR is the Rodrigues Island, the top of the enigmatic Rodrigues Ridge between Mauritius and the CIR. From the 10th century, Arabs have been known to visit the Mascarene Islands. 15, 153–200. 98, 1793–1812. Res. Part of Springer Nature. Res. The northern section of the CIR, including the Carlsberg Ridge, trends NNW and lacks fracture zones. Plüger, W. L., Herzig, P. M., Becker, K. P., Deissmann, G., Schöps, D., Lange, J., Jenisch, A., Ladage, S., Richnow, H. H., Schulze, T. and Michaelis, W., 1990, Discovery of Hydrothermal Fields at the Central Indian Ridge,Marine Mining Between 21°S and the Marie Celeste Fracture Zone (18°S) the CIR deviates westward. The Rodrigues Ridge is an E-W volcanic structure which extends at 19° S from the Mascarene Plateau (59° 30'E) to 100 km East of Rodrigues Island (64° 30'E). Rodrigues is the only Mascarene island with extensive limestone deposits and caves. The bathymetric data are combined with a GLORIA side-scan sonar swath to visualize the fabric of the ridge and complement the coverage in some areas. [4] Most of the inhabitants are of mixed African and European descent. A 12th-century map by the Arab geographer Ash-Sharif al-Idrisi[verification needed][citation needed] supposedly contains them, and the Cantino planisphere of c. 1500 and some other contemporary maps clearly show the three islands of the Mascarenes as Dina Arobi (or Harobi), Dina Margabin and Dina Moraze. Goud, M. R. and Karson, J. 83, 3955–3970. Res. McKenzie, D. P. and Morgan, W. J., 1969, Evolution of Triple Junctions,Nature Macdonald, K. C., Fox, P. J., Perram, L. J., Eisen, M. F., Haymon, R. M., Miller, S. P., Carbotte, S. M., Cormier, M.-H. and Shor, A. N., 1988a, A New View of the Mid-Ocean Ridge from the Behaviour of Its Discontinuities,Nature The orthography has been less stable at first, with the name being transcribed Diogo Rodríguez (Spanish maps), Diego Roiz, Diego Ruys (Dutch maps) (or even Diego Ruy's Island), Dygarroys or Bygarroys. Res. 15, 993–997. There are local competitions almost throughout the year and in specific competitions, the winning team travels to Mauritius for sport exchange. The music has an accentuated beat, usually accompanied by an accordion, clapping and the use of improvised percussion instruments like bamboo. Variations in crustal thickness could be related to a broad bathymetric anomaly centered at 19°S, 65°E, which probably reflects the effect of the nearby Réunion hotspot, or an anomaly in the composition of the mantle beneath the ridge near 19°S. Grindlay, N. R., Fox, P. J. and Macdonald, K. C., 1991, Second-Order Ridge Axis Discontinuities in the South Atlantic: Morphology, Structure and Evolution,Mar. Geophys. Reunion hotspot is often viewed as a typical intraplate hotspot, which can be traced back along the southern Mascarene Plateau and the Chagos - Laccadive Ridge to the Deccan flood basalt, caused by the inception of a mantle plume head by the Indian lithosphere. 26, 721–736. The island was home to a now extinct endemic species of flightless bird, the Rodrigues solitaire (Pezophaps solitaria). Small, C., 1994, A Global Analysis of Mid-Ocean Ridge Axial Topography,Geophys. Central Indian Ridge and Reunion Hotspot in Rodrigues Area : Another Type of Ridge - Hotspot Interaction ? 8120 Dynamics of lithosphere and mantle: general. Between the Gulf of Aden and Rodrigues Island, the Mid-Indian Ridge bears the name Carlsberg Ridge. [15], The isolation and location of the island give a microclimate specific to Rodrigues, with two seasons. [7], In 1809, after a brief battle with the French, British troops took possession of Rodrigues.[8]. Rodrigues Ridge connects the Reunion hotspot track with the Central Indian Ridge (CIR) and has been suggested to represent the surface expression of a sub-lithospheric flow channel. The ridge axis deepens and the relief across the axial valley increases from north to south. Fisher, R. L., Sclater, J. G. and McKenzie, D. P., 1971, Evolution of the Central Indian Ridge, Western Indian Ocean,Geol. 54, 29–47. In 1735 a permanent French settlement was established, subordinated to Île Bourbon. Phys. Sci. 76, 473–577. Rev. Lin, J. and Phipps-Morgan, J., 1992, The Spreading Rate Dependence of Three-Dimensional Mid-Ocean Ridge Gravity Structure,Geophys. The current chief commissioner is Louis Serge Clair and the Chief Executive of Rodrigues is Davis Hee Hong Wye. Ocean Munschy, M. and Schlich, R., 1989, The Rodriguez Triple Junction (Indian Ocean): Structure and Evolution for the Past One Million Years,Mar. The wettest month is February; September and October are the driest months. B. and McCully, B. L., 1992, Nd-Sr-Pb Isotopic Variations Along the Gulf of Aden: Evidence for Afar Mantle Plume-Continental Lithosphere Interaction,J.

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