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His hand span measures 10.25 inches which is around 8% wider than the average man his height. Question: Which NFL quarterback has the smallest hands ever measured? The NFL has had some successful tall QBs like Ben Roethlisberger, Philip Rivers, and Cam Newton, but the tallest QBs aren't necessarily the best, as the career of Dan McGwire shows. Most NFL teams today prefer their quarterbacks to have a handspan of at least 9.5 inches and are very hesitant to pick a quarterback with a handspan that measures less than that. Jim Druckenmiller has the largest hands measured of any NFL quarterback. Question: What's the hand size of Oronde Gadsden? The average handspan of someone of that height is around 9.20 inches, and hence Kingsbury’s hands are quite small for his height. Levine Toilolo is 2 inches taller than Gronkowski and yet Toilolo's hand span is 4.6% narrower. Doug Hudson has the smallest hands measured of any NFL quarterback. Mason Rudolph's handspan measures 9.13 inches. Answer: Kyle Lauletta has a hand span of 9.75 inches. There were a number of exciting players in this draft though many of them wound up being big busts in the pro ranks. Question: What is the hand size of Cam Newton? Answer: Alex Smith has a hand span of 9 3/8 inches which is pretty average for a 6'4" guy. This article takes a look at some NFL quarterbacks with the most impressive hand sizes. By clicking “I agree” below, you consent to the use by us and our third-party partners of cookies and data gathered from your use of our platforms. See our Privacy Policy and Third Party Partners to learn more about the use of data and your rights. At 6'5," his span is around 5.3% wider than the average for his height. Brett Favre was able to play well even in unfavourable weather conditions and his enormous hands contributed to this. The average height of a quarterback in the NFL is 6’3”, with most falling in the 6’2” to 6’5” range. Question: Which NFL quarterback has the largest hands ever measured? Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu. Rob Gronkowski's handspan measures a staggering 10.75 inches. This article discusses the most important characteristics of high-quality quarterbacks in the NFL. Answer: Unfortunately, there is no reliable data on the hand measurements of Julian Edelman. The following NFL quarterbacks are also not that far behind: I am only 5’4” but have 9”.75 inch wide hands. Interestingly, 6’4" Daunte Culpepper has smaller hands than Sanchez. Calvin Johnson : Pos: WR, Career: 135 G, 84 TD, 3xAll-Pro(1st), 6xProBowl, Lions 2007-2015, 2x Yds Leader, born GA 1985 These NBA players had the odds stacked against them considering that their parents were shorter than 5'10". Calvin Johnson. Question: What is Russell Wilson's hand size? Question: What is the hand size of Odell Beckham? Jarvis Landry has the same hand span as Kelvin Benjamin who stands 6 inches taller than Landry. Interestingly, he has a wider handspan than Eli Manning and Peyton Manning, who are 6’4" and 6’5" respectively. Question: What is the hand size of Von Miller? Mike Evans stands four inches taller than Hopkins but has 5% narrower hands. His hand span is around 18% wider than the average for his height. English: US President Calvin Coolidge and Washington Senators pitcher Walter Johnson shake hands, presenting the "American League diploma" for the Senators winning the AL in 1924. However, anyone who has watched him play can easily tell his hand size isn't all that impressive. It's essential for all athletes to possess strong hand-eye coordination. His hand span is around 19% wider than the average for his height. Français : Le président des États-Unis Calvin Coolidge et le lanceur des Washington Senators Walter Johnson se serrant la main, à l’occasion de la victoire de l’ American League en 1924. WR. I am an electrical engineer and a passionate sports fan. I recap the careers of the top five quarterbacks of the 2008 NFL Draft and what they are doing today. Question: What is Alex Smith's hand size? MMA fighters with a higher ape index have numerous advantages in their weight class. The following pages on the English Wikipedia use this file (pages on other projects are not listed): (4,549 × 1,873 pixels, file size: 3.19 MB, MIME type: Commons is a freely licensed media file repository. His handspan is 2.5% wider than Calvin Johnson's, who surprisingly stands six inches taller. At 6’3", former quarterback Kliff Kingsbury has a handspan of 8.50 inches. Aaron Donald possesses a handspan of 9.88 inches, which is slightly bigger than the average span for his height of 6'1". Carson Palmer and Drew Bledsoe stand at the same height as Druckenmiller, but their handspans are only 9.50 inches and 9.63 inches, respectively. Mack's handspan is around 5% wider than fellow linebacker Chandler Jones, despite Mack being significantly shorter. Question: What's Paxton Lynch's hand size? They need to hold onto it in a crowded pocket, pump fake, control it on play-action and direct it with ease as they throw, and big hands allow for all of those things. At just 5’11", he has one of the biggest pairs of hands in the NFL. Answer: Julio Jones' hand span measures 9.75 inches, which is quite big for a man who stands at 6'3". Develop these quarterback qualities to get a shot at having a career in the NFL. Levine Toilolo is two inches taller than Gronkowski, and yet Toilolo's handspan is 4.6% narrower. Mark Brunell stands around the same height as Sanchez but only has a handspan of 9.13 inches. Brock Osweiler is one of the two tallest players in NFL history. At 6'3", his handspan is around 14.1% wider than average for his height. The average handspan for his height is around 8.7". At 6'5," his hand span is slightly below the average hand … Answer: Mason Rudolph hand span measures 9 1/8 inches. Answer: At 6'3," Von Miller has a hand span of 9.25 inches which is average for someone his height. Someone of his height would be expected to have a handspan of 9.20 inches, but Stafford's reach hits 10.00 inches. Nick Foles is a really outstanding player, and at 6’6”, he towers over the average quarterback. Russel Wilson is one of the shortest quarterbacks in the history of the NFL, but he compensates for this with his huge hands. Adrian Peterson stands at 6'1" but his hand span measures only 9.25 inches which is 10.8% narrower than Elliot's. It was said that he had hands the size of a baseball glove, and it was one of the reasons he could pull out those incredible catches. I recap the careers of the top five quarterbacks of the 2006 NFL Draft and what they are doing today. Pennington has a handspan of 10.25 inches. Question: What is the hand size of Jared Goff? Click on a date/time to view the file as it appeared at that time. His handspan measures a whopping 10.13 inches, which is around 8.9% wider than the average for his height. Question: What is the hand size of Jerry Rice? Smith wurde im NFL Draft 2005 von den San Francisco 49ers als erster Spieler ausgewählt. Please enable cookies on your web browser in order to continue. Answer: At 5'11", Jarvis Landry has an unbelievable hand span of 10.25 inches which is a whopping 18% wider than the average hand span for his height. At 6’5”, Peyton is pretty tall for a quarterback, but his enormous hands are what really stand out. How much larger than avg for my height are my hands? The average hand span for his height is around 9.16 inches which means his span is around 6% wider than the average. Question: What is the hand size of Mason Rudolph? Being tall usually comes with huge hands, so Osweiler's handspan, though significantly wider than the average male's span of 8.5 inches, is pretty average for his height. His handspan measures 9.88 inches, which is around 6.7% wider than average for his height. Answer: Mason Rudolph hand span measures 9 1/8 inches. That's around 12% wider than the average hand span for his height. Answer: Tom Brady's hand span measures 9.38 inches. {{Information |Description={{en|1=US President, This page was last edited on 5 January 2011, at 18:37. At 6'1", DeAndre Hopkins's handspan measures an unbelievable 10.08 inches. Another amazing attribute is that his hand size is way above the average for his height. Long arm span or reach is an important physical attribute in boxing. See our, Read a limited number of articles each month, You consent to the use of cookies and tracking by us and third parties to provide you with personalized ads, Unlimited access to on any device, Unlimited access to all Washington Post apps, No on-site advertising or third-party ad tracking. NBA teams place a great emphasis on the wingspan of their players, and some believe a long wingspan can even offset any disadvantage in height. Jim Harbaugh and Jake Plummer stand at the same height but have hand sizes nowhere near Shuler's. Landry has the same handspan as Kelvin Benjamin, who stands six inches taller. The following NFL quarterbacks also have small hands: Question: I'm 5'9 3/4 tall. His handspan measures 10.25 inches, which is around 8% wider than the average man of his height. Matt Schaub is four inches taller than Kessler—but surprisingly his span is 16% narrower. Mike Glennon, who is one inch taller than Foles, has a handspan that is around 10% narrower. His handspan is around 18% wider than average for his height. At 6'3", his hand span is around 14.1% wider than the average for his height. Before Calvin Johnson retired from the Detroit Lions, his nine-year NFL career seemingly over in its prime, he got used to suffering concussions. Zach Ertz has a handspan of 9.75", which is slightly wider than average for his height. Wide ReceiversHeight Weight Arm Length Hand Size 10 Yard Split 20 Yard Split 40 Yard Dash Vertical Jump Broad Jump 96 98 86 41 77 75 92 98 99.

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