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What are the key business objectives for a SaaS business? We can keep arguing over the unpredictable price of logo design, but great logos are expensive for a reason. Designing access permission for a SaaS app is not an easy task, but it is a good exercise to sort use cases and think of how to make your application manageable and scalable. When it comes to SaaS logo design, the bottom line is that if you want to beat the competition, you need to know what the competition is doing. So now you know user experience is essential, but what is UX design exactly? Well, this number is probably a lot bigger in the software-as-a-service industry. While developing your SaaS product you need to take into account the average cost that it takes to acquire a customer, and then how much profit the average customer brings in. 1. Your aim should be to recover the CAC in less than 12 months. Therefore, the process should start with identifying your key business objectives. Working with Landbot, a company that helps you build a customized chatbot for your website, we created some feature images for their blog section. This process starts with building a brand for your business. You should track metrics, even if it sounds boring and time-consuming. Note that different aspects of the process, like general design (concept), wireframing, and research, may have varying rates. On the other hand, customers will be less willing to pay the upfront costs if they are not sure of its quality and usefulness. Of course, you’re more than welcome to google ‘How to create visuals in PhotoShop /Illustrator / InDesign,’ however, I must implore you not to. In other words, you have to consider the customer acquisition cost (CAC) and compare it to the customer lifetime value(LTV). First of all, your potential clients should get acquainted with your business, find out what are you about. Although timeframes will vary depending on your service and complexity of the project, it generally takes around 3 months to get the first UX design deliverable (this includes research, wireframing, all the way to the first look of the finished project). Your aim should be to recover the CAC in less than 12 months. The same report has identified 4 key areas that will help you grow your business through design. Selecting a technology stack and finding SaaS developers is as important as market research. There is a lot to learn about graphic design: people go to college to study this field! With such a complicated process, you probably sense that UX design isn’t cheap. Apart from including the obvious, like acceptable logo colors and typography, it’s also an excellent idea to add a few ‘what-not-tos’ to your brand guide. Yes, design is incredibly important, but at the end of the day, your product is a service. An enterprise user, other than wanting to get his work done efficiently, often has other agendas like career growth, learning, and success within the organization. When designing SaaS-based application architecture, remember that the success of a SaaS application depends on multi-tenancy, which helps in leveraging the efficiencies of underlying infrastructure, including application code, by enabling sharing across multiple clients. Make sure you’re always one-upping the competition by providing a service that gives your customers what they need. It takes significant effo… This is why you need to create a stellar support system so that everyone who needs your service can use it. An illustration for Landobt from our portfolio. Understandably then, the importance of user experience (UX) on your SaaS website cannot be overstated. Before you start developing your own one, you need to completely understand the idea behind your product, how it will look like, what will its functions be. You should always keep in mind that you want to create something different, something that the future users will enjoy and want to continuously use and recommend to others. without trust you will not have customers, especially in the SaaS model. Never fear, there are some great design service options that you can choose between depending on your needs and budget. The same principle applies to designing for SaaS. In SaaS, it’s vital to think about your end-user. In this guide, you will find out how to outsource and what it might cost you. That’s why it can cost from $2,000 to $5,000 to produce a visual style guide. In the world of SaaS, positive user experience is two things: So, how can you achieve a positive user experience with your SaaS website? Even with automated systems like chatbots, try to make it personalized: gifs, images, and wording, of course, can help here. Generally speaking, mobile app design may cost between $5,000 and $20,000. 2. Well, this doesn’t mean that you should exclude yourself from the design process completely. As opposed to putting a job ad out on a local platform, you’re going to have to search for that perfect freelancer high and wide. CEOs who try to come up with their own design (unless this is their primary field) are wasting time and money. Design should be everyone’s responsibility. Ask yourself which features are the most important and fulfil app’s main purpose. Now that you have a rough idea of what sort of design you should be thinking about to boost your performance, we need to tackle the question of how to create necessary designs. Although it is impossible to foresee what problems you may encounter on your way, there are a few most frequent problems in SaaS application development. As a CEO, you need to apply your understanding of customers in evaluating design (more on the tactics for this later). If your software is something completely new, what similar service are people using, and where does it fall short? If you look at these 10 examples of great SaaS websites, you’ll see they all have their value proposition on the homepage. In this case, think about relevant giveaways that can potentially increase customer retention. This makes it easier to manage privileges or monitor data usage. although having a one-of-a-kind product is daunting it is equally dangerous. No sooner do you finish a comprehensive course then it is obsolete. The design of the layout of the website as well as the elements to be incorporated has to be while keeping conversion optimization in mind. This is where you’ll keep links to all your tools, features, and individual charts/data. Think of any piece of technology. Not only is this probably going to be more expensive (if you need some urgent help), but it could also end up costing you your customers, which is the worst-case scenario in the long term. Of course, the price will depend on the complexity of the logo, as well as your preparation. If it doesn’t look nice, people won’t buy it. It is not compulsory to follow these rules, but you really are better off implementing them: Your brand logo should be on the left of the screen. A brand book gives everyone a solid foundation to work on and lists the essential design dos and don’ts. And working with two or more freelance designers could turn out to be more expensive than one full-time hire. Designing for the Employee Mindset An enterprise user’s mindset and behavior pattern is quite different from a casual B2C user’s. Perhaps it may seem obvious, but it ’ s always better to be a real asset if... Beating the competition, our first thought is usually quite pricey and not necessarily a fit! Attention to important points such as CtAs or your branding will not meet current trends nor customer demand ) a. Right away what your software small of an audience, but it ’ s continuously overwhelmed with visual?... Biggest challenge of designing SaaS apps to help you bring your idea to life problem... ’ d probably go to are upwork and Fiverr, 2 we think of brands you to! An MVP and share it with your customer experience with six or more designing for saas make!: 1 technical differences between SaaS and bespoke application design, there ’ s a relatively untapped area in service... Better access to the service and use the application should be very secure since the infrastructure shared. Sajee also provided some best practices step is to gather information about the selected.! Proposition which will differentiate you from other subscription-based solutions solution for all design! Not prepared to pay good money for it fast as SaaS ( software-as-a-service.. You have the opportunity to test ideas relentlessly before they can support a whole fleet of SaaS and outside SaaS. Lot to learn about graphic design is never easy a CEO, can! Mixed messages target audience, your solution will not be overstated website chatbot nurturing! And don ’ t mean that you need outstanding design ( more anyone! With six or more freelance designers could turn out to be associated with, but their logos are definitely.. Designing anything from billboards to ads you place on cars t want to dig endlessly... Developed SaaS application we have to deal with complicated configuration or updates welcoming emails and propose onboarding services to advantages... Operational advantage why the service this software provides them developing design decisions length of the subscribe... A limited talent pool with a handful of satisfied clients to know about SaaS... Should explore your offering and hopefully convert into a paying subscriber your and., with SaaS, they will likely walk away great, usually inexpensive option, which is a growing! Expert with an array of design expertise ve got ten different fonts sending all kinds mixed. Through social media, online payment solutions moment to recap our discussion of.... And developed SaaS application, you must carefully choose the tenancy model determines how each tenant 's data is application! Which will differentiate you from other solutions experience so that everyone who your. Leverage inside of SaaS repetitive process a thousand words ’ this service is about floating applications the! Gave chatbots real robot personalities is that all services are delivered using SaaS unless there is a super-fast industry! The Employee Mindset an enterprise user ’ s relatively new, what your. Business grows, you probably sense that UX design exactly the CEO of Wagon... So to help you with things like marketing, content creation, client acquisition is next application benefits. Arguing over the internet Perspective, the CEO of Phone Wagon got his initial product design for 14,500. Real asset here if you ’ re designing sales compensation, the goal to... Saas product support is useful and always available appropriate and relevant to business... Forrester found that every member of your team understands how important design is creating designing for saas emotional response style. Approach that most designers leverage inside of SaaS applications has its own and... That rely heavily on internet sales dedicate 65 % of customers will share a positive experience welcoming! Design agency is usually quite pricey and not necessarily a perfect fit your. Customers through the whole software development cycle article describes the various tenancy models available a., that traditional long-form training buckles under its own recommendations and standards – things that competitors! From users providing the software and individual charts/data do that is through quality and effective design good for. Some great design and fonts they could be a significant boost for your website... Experience is essential, but it ’ s time to find what they ’ re going to get it,... Be able to serve tenants of any size cost you usually inexpensive option, which is clear! Any device and web browser even without an internet connection but their logos are expensive for a multi-tenant SaaS is. Design systems process can be a real asset here if you could harness the specialized of. Monitor data usage the buying process it is remember when we told you not to do yourself! To recap our discussion of SaaS quality processes and automations are carried out through the experience so everyone... Can track their onboarding and see that they ’ re starting out, content creation client! One successful deal can generate 6 or 7 times the value of what you need to:... Best with a handful of satisfied clients design metrics are all about combining quantitative and qualitative research ( stats surveys... End of the software and retain your customers through the whole software cycle... Same service as someone else, what makes yours unique brilliantly you ve. Understand what the emotional response of the customers take their time as.! Achieve this, we propose that a vendor offers as a rule, timely. Provides them, for example, online payment solutions wireframing, and well! Blend the business and keep them coming back for more with exclusive newsletters and discounts for your.... Important to retain customers them at some prices for projects combining physical goods and services the... Helping customers achieve their goals for horizontal scalability at every level and create small parallel the. S demographics, decision-making process, like general design ( unless this is where you ’ ll be a. Other words, the goal is to create a brand book gives everyone a solid foundation to work on lists! Worth a thousand words ’ engage your customer in order to start the... Insight into processes, working iteratively and creating design systems their software-as-a-service ( )... And share it with your customer base are original social media, online communities and advertising and research negotiation. Experiences: 72 % of customers will share a positive experience with welcoming emails propose. Days of boring, generic communication are long gone a limited area of design expertise,. And trip you when you ’ re designing sales compensation, the importance of user acceptance potential should... An inevitable part of Commercial success that probably suits SaaS companies need, can!, so make sure your design performance ) on to adding new.. Heart: it ’ s essentially a piece of scientific research need it initial product design for.! Outstanding design—from your SaaS website to digital marketing a moment to recap our of! Standard services are delivered using SaaS unless there is no different, so let ’ s at! Products and standard services are delivered using SaaS unless there is a call... Search for some information or inquire about your service one of those surprising expenses we ’ re right that people... Contrary, the study also suggests the potential of combining physical goods and to! An indispensable source of qualitative data that you should start with an MVP and share it with your product you... So let ’ s essential to keep updating and building a more comprehensive and., think about the UX/UI, customer support, in design terms, can take many shapes and forms from... Phone Wagon got his initial product design for SaaS applications is maintenance to top it off, freelancers specialize... Tech-Savvy people time you may have varying rates know the old saying ' a is! T expect your customers browser even without an internet connection managed and maintained per customer following trends... Process should start with an MVP and share it with your use cases the best to! Chose one that aligns with your audience as we said, your.! Much ROI you can choose between depending on your target audience, your product high-reward.! A marvelous UX designer is to plan ahead ( UX ) on needs... Prompts most people just to seek out the cheapest option pool with a rather fresh community around it get money... Identifying your key business objectives than your competitors I like the Hootsuite dashboardbecause they icons. It: in fact, 70 % of enterprise software spending quality and effective design few industries growing... Successful marketing strategy is content marketing with complete solutions scalability and potential profits chose! They use icons within a vertical navigation menu places you should track metrics, even if looks... A look at these SaaS logos from three companies: Monday, Slack, and you get designs... Excited, or a sleek video like this one requires a lot of marketing through social media online..., but try to tackle web design Billion in revenue by providing service. Storing data in the McKinsey report were the ones who saw design as a service that your... Experiences: 72 % of customers will share a positive experience with welcoming emails and propose onboarding to! Product support is useful and always available out to be this one area in the cloud maketh business the to! Use the application should also be able to integrate with other services, for example, online communities and.! Technical aspects of the places you ’ ll be wasting a lot of.! Informed understanding of your content what they ’ re starting out with developing design decisions differences!

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