california college of the arts diversity

The racial diversity of the faculty is excellent. Would you prefer a school where the student body represents a blend of different ages and generations, or would you prefer a school where most students are the same age as you? Indiana University -- Purdue University Indianapolis. © All Rights Reserved. Below, estimates of how California College of the Arts compares with its peer schools in economic diversity and student outcomes. Sponsored by: California College of the Arts Applicant must be a student who brings diverse experiences, ideas, and creative work to the college community. At CCA I spent four wonderful years discovering new things, immersing myself in art culture, and meeting like-minded passionate people who care about art and their community. Our use of cookies is focused on improving our websites About 57.7% of the students attending California College of the Arts come from within California. We're lucky, since the U.S. Department of Education releases diversity studies every year. This college is ranked at #2,065 in male to female diversity nationwide. We’re committed to building an infrastructure that will help develop and support leaders in the arts from the rich diverse communities in which the college resides. The disparity between the counts of men and women at California College of the Arts is on par with the national average. In order to achieve the most benefit from a diverse campus, seek out institutions that are not only promoting diversity by recruiting students and hiring faculty from minority groups actively, but are also encouraging an environment where there is positive interaction between different groups. The Assistant Dean is strategically situated within the Division of Student Affairs in the Dean of Students Office to build partnerships with departments that work directly with students like Academic Advising, Access & Disability Services, Career Development, Counseling Services, Housing, Dining, & Residential Education, International Student Affairs & Programming, Learning Resources, and Student Life. CCA has been named one of the 10 most diverse colleges in the U.S. When available, the chart below includes the male to female ratio among California College of the Arts' faculty. Diversity in College and Why It Matters Prospective college students should honestly evaluate all facets of their identity in the admissions process. Selection is based upon a thorough review of the application, essay, and portfolio. They are incomplete for some conferences. no longer supports Internet Explorer 9 or earlier. Finally, CCA’s curriculum should reflect our commitment to cultural and social diversity. Measures of access are for students born in 1991, roughly the class of 2013; measures of outcomes and mobility are for students born between 1980 and 1982, who are around age 35, when relative income ranks stabilizes. Learn about actions we are taking to make our college safe and equitable for all. Applicant must be a student who brings diverse experiences, ideas, and creative work to the college community.

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