c'tan shard of the nightbringer

They were given physical bodies by the ancient Necrontyr. As an aside, here are three other characters from the line that would great as Crypteks: How beautiful are these guys? I’ve seen a few people say that they have used these guys as C’Tan, some of whom have converted the head and/or the weapon. Also seeing how he gave the Silent King full control of both his mind and total control of the Necron Forces, it implies he knew the Silent King was going to turn on the C'tan, and seeing how most free Shards seem to be the Deceiver it would imply he's running around trolling others all over the place, like SG-1's Baal with all his clones. If the Void Dragon were to ever wake up, its possible that the tenuous grip on technology the Mechanicum still had could be lost entirely. As above, there’s a bit of work needing done. He once battled the Eldar war god Khaela Mensha Khaine and lost (though he managed to give Khaine a black eye on the way out), after which he was imprisoned for millennia. Mortal wounds inflicted by attacks in addition to normal damage always apply, even if normal damage saved. All his attacks have Soul Blaze and has a special power of S5 AP4 assault 2D6 ignores cover soul blaze and the special rule Wall of Fire which means all the attacks auto-hit including flyers and models blocked by line of sight. you should absolutely use an Avatar of Khaine to represent a C'tan Shard with Lord of Fire and laugh when your opponent's Fire Dragon Exarch's meltagun blows up in his face. Mass dickery on a galactic scale that only Tzeentch could rival. Sounds a tiny bit familiar like The Burning One, but who am i to judge? All the better if you can then freehand on a nice pattern. The only reason he wanted to go into the Webway was to burn the fuck out of it. The C’tan began to remake the Necrontyr in their image. Necron suicide cult anyone? This page was last edited on 19 October 2020, at 21:27. It would be suitable to be used as Transcendant C’Tan or as the Deceiver. If a unit attacks with multiple weapons, all attacks made with weapons that have the same profile must be resolved before resolving attacks with the next. In short, powerful as FUCK. Any links or tips? discussion about him and Khorne was hilarious for the unaffiliated to watch.). It will tower over your army, impressive and imposing. Wraith faceplates, perhaps? Again, I’d add a nice, Necronny blade to the staff, most likely making some sort of scythe. Now, ambitious or foolish Necron Lords use these shards as weapons, unleashing these avatars of once-mighty stargods upon their enemies. Each close combat attack is made with a melee weapon. They were completely apart from material reality and spent most of their time consuming the energy of stars.

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