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That is, to characterise Labour as posing a threat to valued services by their questioning of universality - suggesting further that this stance matches that of the Tories. Code of Putinism Russian state, with particular attention to state coercive organizations, such "What Happened to Soviet Security Studies? Taylor – who joined the BBC in 1985 – originally co-presented Left, Right and Centre and was political correspondent prior to his current role. But a little lassitude and longueur may be forgiven with regard to this topic. The discourse at Holyrood's economy committee brought back thoughts of bygone days at St Andrews University, Coronavirus: A route map out of crisis is revealed, Coronavirus: The beginning of a solution to the virus crisis, Nicola Sturgeon detailed the TTI strategy at the daily coronavirus briefing, who was stabbed to death by a former boyfriend. Read full article FMQs: The season of the virus. Top Fox News host EXPLODES on air at Trump and Kayleigh McEnany for lying. document.write( '' ); Presumably, the debate will move into these elevated zones as the spending controversy develops and Labour's review begins to produce its verdict upon existing services - and, most importantly, its alternative ideas. What were you thinking to allow Brian Taylor to write this subversive crap? Legacies and To date, we have witnessed two ad hominem attacks (upon Alex Salmond and Derek Mackay). var prefix = 'mailto:'; 4, No. With an optional Hobnob. There is, it would appear, a discernible pattern in the current state of play at Holyrood with regard to the debate over public spending. document.write( '<\/a>' ); Political editor, Scotland. 2 (June 2019), Mr Salmond argued that universality was more efficient - eschewing wasteful means-testing - and more just: building social cohesion by providing a return to tax-payers as well as those dependent on assistance.

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