best way to tame giant bee ark

This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. By ARK ; General Discussion ; Best way to tame a Giant bee Archived. Powered by Invision Community. You can then go to the bee and press the 'aquire nest' button, and it will give you a bees nest. I lost mine because I couldn't see where it went. Pick up the queen and she turns into the hive to be placed. Make sure to feed your tame bug repellant as well. You can then go to the bee and press the 'aquire nest' button, and it will give you a bees nest. Once inside a cryopod, it functions like any other tame. Try to fing a low beehive on the edge of the redwoods. Genesis. All rights reserved. Once it breaks put a rare flower in the last inv slot crouch up to it and and press the button that comes up. Easiest way : go to ab then look for the hives , the hives stack so destroy all hives with a mana or whichever tame you have then the bee will be stuck in the hive , what you can do is is get an angle on the bee and easy tame while its sitting, Just bring a good trike and stand back and whistle attack target on the bee hive, the trike will kill any bees that come out, once it breaks whistle neutral so any bees that attack you will get killed then tame the queen, iirc they only spawn at lv5 and with flowers they are great for raft living, They swarm around a hive that if you break open you'll find the queen that can be tamed, The best part of this thing is you don't have to lead it home you can just pick it up and it will turn into the hive. Note that the Quee… Best way to tame a Giant bee… Break the hive, use big repellent and feed the queen rare flowers. Quickly activate your bug repellent, get in close to the queen bee, and feed her the rare flowers so that she becomes tamed. Clear the area of hostiles but not the passive or neutral Dino as these can naturally kill … There are many uses for Giant Bee Honey in the Ark which makes having at least one or two Bee Hives of your own around which requires that you tame Giant Queen Bees for an unlimited supply. Try to fing a low beehive on the edge of the redwoods. If you want to tame one, the easiest way is to get a dire bear and break the nest, because they are immune to bees. Want to tame a Bee in the redwoods, but don’t feel like building anything? All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. With my method, you will often have to use the fire arrows to break a few hives to free the queen, but when I tried it with anything but fire arrows I accidentally killed the queen every time (I aim low at the bottom of the hive) good luck! If you want to transfer the bee off server, Once tamed, before you do anything, activate a cryopod.

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