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The offerings are broken down by super helpful categories here—by price, what’s trending, deals of the month, and more. Each month, you’ll receive a 30-day supply of your custom signature scent for about $16—stamped with your name—that you are sure to love. Please note: Unlike our 2ml, 5ml and 9ml bottles, our 1ml samples do not come with sprays. Plus, free beauty gifts with purchase abound. by Lauren Todd - Last Updated October 21, 2019 (This post may contain affiliate links.). You’ll fill in your preferences using an online guided scent test, which resident fragrance experts will use to curate a scent that genuinely matches your preferences. Check the perfume manufacturer’s site for freebies or sample section, 15. But as it pertains to perfume specifically, the internet is also a veritable treasure trove for not only good deals and steals but also a place where you can discover a wide array of new and interesting brands that may not yet be available at the department or big beauty store where you’d otherwise be shopping. By Ruby Buddemeyer and Chloe Metzger For around $60 per month, you'll get either two full-sized products or four minis, along with a bonus surprise gift that ranges anywhere from trendy nail color to a greeting card, cosmetic bag, candle, or tunic. They send you free samples in exchange for your feedback. Order a few samples to compare and contrast your favorites, or go all-in on a bottle that doubles as decor. We also appreciate that they offer not only standard sprays but also unique options such as scented jewelry. It’s a classic, and the fruity, floral ingredients never weigh down the luscious elegance of the ylang-ylang, jasmine, pear, melon, peach and lily. With sweet floral and fruity scents of lavender blossom, pear, coconut and vanilla, this is a bright, young fragrance for any time of day or night. The extensive range of pampering products will have you indulging head-to-toe with delicious fragrances and candles, scented oils and creams, and pampering aromatherapy. If you love perfume and also love jewelry, this box combines your two favorite things and delivers them to your doorstep as a welcome surprise each month. We may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy. Featuring unique traces of lychee, peony, orange blossom and peach, with a little musk mixed in for good measure, this is like a well-made cocktail—worth the extra cost. Let’s face it, some days we’re spritzing old favorites from our nightstand, and these samples can pile up quick. Scent Split is specialized in offering samples & decants of the high-end and hard to find perfumes & colognes. The site is updated almost every day, so be sure to check back often. This is a great spot to find all kinds of smaller, indie brands that you may not yet have heard of. The offerings for men’s cologne are also very extensive, FYI. Yes, you can get freebies from Amazon that could include perfumes and colognes. The jewelry piece—which could include anything from a charm bracelet to a watch—will also be aligned with the theme, for a cohesive fragrance story to explore each month. The smoke is clinging to your coat, and you can still taste the spice from your dinner. Once a fragrance selection is made, Scentbox delivers an 8-milliliter refillable travel atomizer to your doorstep, filled with a 30-day supply, so you can spritz all month long. I hope you are able to get free samples of your favorite perfumes through the sites we mentioned. Often, they have these samples pinned to advertisements within the magazine. While almost all began with completing a scent profile, some—like Scent Trunk—went above and beyond delivering actual samples of different scent families for a real-life smell test, which made for a more fun and memorable experience. For those who crave a little danger in their dress-up, this sexy concoction smelling of coffee, vanilla and pear is a feast for the senses.

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