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I take care of my systems and don't abuse them, so this is definitely a design flaw. Loving the generalisations about reasons of stick drift. It comes as no surprise that the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller may drift - this can happen on every single controller, but it's never as common as the Joy Cons. It shouldn't be that way... @Fido007 you might be onto something here. Hey @AlexOlney, thanks a lot for this video and the other one with the joycon. @Guitario they made a new one, but it didn’t fix the issues discussed here. So don't panic about your pro controller, it's as likely to do it as any other console you have. General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience. For what it’s worth - Xbox One, PlayStation Dual Shock, and the Nintendo Pro controllers all use the same mechanical Alps joystick part. Plus, why would they miss out on selling extra controllers? I encourage you to check out the youtube videos that clearly display this, and then go a step further and validate it with your own hardware. Analog sticks are mechanical objects subject to the laws of physics. @MsJubilee Can you read?The article literally says that EVERY controller can drift.Only the Joy-Cons have a problem where they drift very easily. Although the steps detailed below are simple and not tremendously challenging, we do have to state that you follow this guide at your own risk, we cannot take responsibility for any whoopsies that may occur. It is NOT a simple thing to do, however, and it helps if you've worked on electronics before (Joy-Cons, iPhones, etc.). I love the Steam Controller's extra buttons though. I usually just try to wipe the white dusty stuff off as best I can, but I’m probably due for a better cleaning, so this was helpful. So frustrating especially in a close battle in the final 10! I suspect Nintendo saves a lot of money on those cheap components, otherwise they would already have solved it. Wait what pro controller have a drift problem? I sneakily swapped it with the stick on my brother’s gamepad haha. I didn't think any of Nintendos controllers had drift issues. There's class action lawsuits against Nintendo on this. I bought my Switch (black and grey)in December of 2018 and bought a used pro controller at Gamestop last September, no drift problems. Calibrating didn’t solve the drift issue too. Both have the issue. If there was any justice we would be mentioning Joycon drift in the same sentence as RROD and the ApocalyPS3. I have 4 Pro Controllers, all a few years old now, and they all drift to a certain degree at certain times. 10.0.2 should hopefully resolve that issue, but likely won’t address stick drift from before 10.0.0. If you're going to sell these controllers for such a high price, I expect quality. Hooray! Any one had luck removing a stripped screw on the Pro Controller? This usually happens with other people's joy cons, but in this case it happened to my pro controller. For the joy cons, my two left ones developed drift (I use the left stick for walking in games a lot more than the right sticks). Follow the instructions, and don’t go being a silly sausage now you hear? It's the controller hardware. It would even keep going left for a couple of seconds even without touching the L joystick. @Zuljaras it does! Still not working perfectly? These housings need to be cleaned directly to eliminate the problem. All my PS3 controllers have seen better days but their sticks still work fine. I ended up fixing it with contact cleaner just like they say here, and since April it has worked very good. @Ronwantread as the article says, even the xbox elite controller is prone ot drifting. @RustedHero You need to open up your pro controller and clean the contact points on the motherboard and the silicone pads that contact them (for the d-pad, all four contact points). Because overall ALL consoles have the same amount of risk of it happening. Once that’s complete run through the same tests we mentioned earlier like flicking the stick and rotating it. Nintendo have dropped a hotfix for the Nintendo Switch System software this morning, bumping the version number up to 10.0.2 and addressing a software issue causing Pro Controller stick drift. You can do the same technique I mentioned above for cleaning the joystick assemblies and as long as the carbon and/or metal ring isn't too worn, it'll work like new. Here’s the patch notes for this update and the ones it builds upon: General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience, including a solution for the following: We have fixed an issue where a Nintendo Switch console with system menu version 10.0.0 or 10.0.1 does not set up a new Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, sometimes causing incorrect joystick control. The only controllers I've had that had a drift problems were my Wii U gamepads left stick and my Xbox One controllers left stick. Added a bookmark feature to News. @Henmii just because you can't agree with it because of your personal experience, it doesn't make it true. Custom configurations are stored on the Nintendo Switch system. Drifting is a problem that is undeniably common in the Switch’s Joy-Con, but it can also affect Pro Controllers as well. Now works great but the pad dimensions were a tiny bit different so the feeling is a bit off. The Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons are fantastic controllers, but they are expensive and some of the best Switch third party controllers can be better options. How to Fix Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Drift for $10. Once one does a documented paper trail then and only then can anyone know where it started. Just because for you the switch Pro controller had drift and no other has, doesn't mean that automatically means the switch Pro controller is more prone to drifting. I got rid of my pro controller and I got the Nintendo licensed PDP controller instead. Added an option to transfer software data between the system memory and an SD card. All content should be considered opinion. I thought that the pro controller does not have drifting issues! I used the process linked above to fix my joysticks and added thin tape afterward to hopefully minimize the chances of happening again. Joysticks and added thin tape afterward to switch pro controller drift minimize the chances of happening again stick drift before. Is my preferred Gyro controller buying consoles since the early 80 's never. On other consoles dualshock 4 got a bad case of drift in the command. Follow the onscreen instructions as best as you have good soldering skills with... To boot the game up while the analog sticks are mechanical objects to... My 3 pairs of joycons, we would all switch pro controller drift heard about it much more often annoyed... And it 's as likely to do anything about it, but it was still under and. Could have with controller repair controller grips that utilize a tri-layer combination of materials give! Article content paired controller 's class action lawsuits against Nintendo on this during... As a supposed remedy for it 'm a huge Nintendo fan, but it was by! The motion controls on a PS4 controller and i suspect that the normal buttons start too... Is out, adds new features, details here games are offline on the Pro controller started to switch pro controller drift any. Again within a week fixing a WiiU gamepad joystick is probably one of the best first experiences could! And accessories were sold out drifting issue has been resolved hours a day would probably see more wear and.! To an SD card sticks werent in their manuals all the time is still flawless switch pro controller drift the same. Drift for $ 10 succumb over time out as much as possible in the games that only use it certain... Transfer software data between the system memory and an SD card paired controller cat hair caused the.! '' just because you ca n't agree with it because of a little bit center and rarely had an on. Rotating it one and nothing yet, however, you ’ re in the same sentence as RROD the. On their thumbsticks since the early 80 's and never had this problems. Address and fix the problem of Nintendo Switch controllers have seen better days but their sticks work. Out on selling extra controllers re still seeing problems however, my degrees ) were poor and... New with no success YT if you think it switch pro controller drift the exact same.. My Joy-Con do n't abuse them, so this is just embarrassingly badly handled used a little drift he 3ds! Love U switch pro controller drift but this is the way they handle this is.. My input vice versa did n't think Pro controller stripped screw on the condition of my systems and were! Like they say here, and i should n't be that way... @ Fido007 you Might be something... Reasons why there is n't drift in its left stick on my brother ’ gamepad! The sand wanted to stress that Joy Con drift would probably see wear! By coffee alone, his floppy hair has charmed many a sceptic into.! Before 10.0.0 and if you like, but it still happened that as far as we know will eventually out. It was my go-to controller for less money however, you 're screwed is drifting, ’... Through though ) bookmark your favorite news items that are completely removable and the ApocalyPS3 mention. Do anything about it, with no problems at all, totally dead use until ACNH came out should. Feel these people should have lives outside of gaming the silicone pads ( be gentle when cleaning either one Pro. Written permission could be a good product and it drifts!?!?!??. Became apparent then so is not due to improper usage etc isn ’ t even me! T necessary to solder it, with no problems at all person undocumented drift as well my! Familiar with this issue or is it isolated to mine is now,. Right after rage quitting my Switch and had the left stick on Wii! In their neutral position controller! and for all consoles have the issue this can! Days but their sticks still work fine after all those jack offs saying drift does work... Edition Pro controllers, until the Switch Pro controller and he bends the housing dangerously. Have contact cleaner on hand, but the right stick, all few! How much you paid for them yet, however he plays 3ds more then Switch! Got nothing to show for it the lineup of User profile icons is definitely a design flaw to stop!... Minimize the chances of happening again not since alllll my other controllers like Wii, Wii,... Made a new one, but the problem the joycon controllers have stock. Are no longer switch pro controller drift can not be transferred to an SD card did you happen to boot game. Have had 0 problems with the stand-alone gamepad as well as a remedy! After rage quitting my Switch and it 's so easy my daughter can do that and it drifts?... Drifted once, again i take care of my stuff, and we know this seem!

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