american indoor soccer association

MLF plays its first season with teams in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. The Western Indoor Soccer League is founded as a regional semi-professional league with several former PASL teams. Play takes place during the summer. Games are played in four 15-minute quarters. 1985-86 | United States places second to Mexico in the inaugural World Indoor Championship held in Mexico City. 1978 Major Indoor Soccer League begins play with 6 US teams, coinciding in 1979 with the NASL's indoor league, comprised of 10 teams. The field is bounded by the first few rows of empty seats, the crowd being protected by netting. The NASL goes on to stage indoor tournaments in 1975, 1976, and 1979. National League of Professional Futsal – a professional league in the U.S. Professional Futsal League – a professional league that will launch its first season in 2018. Average attendance reach 6,000 to 8,000 over ensuing seasons. enhance user experience and collect usage statistics via third-party tools like Google Analytics. Welcome to the team! 1988-89 American Indoor Soccer Association Standings 1988-89 American Indoor Soccer Association League Leaders The league announced it would play an exhibition season in 2017 and the first full season in 2018. In return, USIndoor dedicates itself to you &nash; the players and fans – for keeping the rest of us on our toes. AISA Teams. 2009 The NISL changes its name to the MISL and adds its fifth and sixth teams. 545 East John Carpenter Freeway, Third Floor, Irving, TX 75062 (469) 284-5167 1973 The World Indoor Soccer Association, a 6-a-side league consisting of 6 U.S. and Canadian teams, featuring international stars along side of local talent, and offering a glimpse into the following year's World Cup, holds its first contest at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto, Canada. Atlanta Attack 2004 The United States captures the FIFA Gold Cup(Futsal). This website uses browser cookies to identify authorized users, At its height, the indoor league reached 18 teams in 1990. 1988-89 | The series is part of a challenge cup including both outdoor and "rink" games. The American Indoor Soccer League kicks off its first season as a six-team regional league, based in the northeastern U.S. 1984-85 | 1985-86 | 1986-87 | 1987-88 | 1988-89 | 1989-90 | AISA Yearly Standings AISA Yearly Leaders. 1986-87 | Please indicate if you approve this website to use cookies for these purposes. All American Indoor Sports, founded in 1985, currently owns and operates 2 indoor sports facilities conveniently located in Lenexa & Overland Park, Kansas, only 1.5 miles apart.All American offers soccer leagues for all ages and levels of play. The American Association of Soccer 5-6-7(AAS567), the official US Federation sanctioned by the WMF (World MiniFootball Federation) is excited to announce its new Premier Membership Program. The SISL became the Sunbelt Independent Soccer League in 1990, the United States Interregional Soccer League in 1991, the United States System of Independent Soccer Leagues in 1994 and the United Soccer Leagues in February 2000. 1995 Inaugural North American Indoor Soccer Championships (having changed its name in 1999 to National Indoor Championship) held for youth players (U9 through U18, boys and girls) and adults (men and coed). Tel: 703-820-2810 By supporting local youth, adult, and professional indoor soccer teams and their sponsors, every indoor sports enthusiast can take part in indoor soccer's growing popularity. The XSL folds after its first season. The Men's Premier Arena and the Women's Premier Arena leagues are founded as amateur leagues below the USASL. 's of Newark on December 2nd in the Newark Roller Skating Rink. 2002 The WISL folds, and two teams join the MISL for the 2002-2003 season. 2015 The first WMF World Cup is held in arenas across the United States. 1885 The first recorded “indoor soccer” match (the first of three in a series) takes place between the Western Football Association of Ontario and the O.N.T.

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