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If your AutoPay setting is currently set to pay the full statement balance, we encourage you to change your AutoPay settings after your plan posts to your account to avoid potentially paying off the full amount of your plan with your next payment. Luckily, most job-related expenses are tax-deductible, so as long as you keep track of your mileage and spending, you can save quite a bit of money once tax season rolls around. Amazon Flex drivers may also find success on weekends when they may be able to avoid the high driver supply of the weekdays. Luckily for you, we wrote an entire guide to how to get more Amazon Flex blocks. By: Brett Helling // Updated: September 23, 2020. The base pay rate for Amazon Flex drivers is $18 per hour (higher in select markets). The rounded monthly amount for each Flex Plan that you are required to pay each billing period will be included in the Minimum Payment Due on your Citi Credit Card statement. If multiple Amazon purchases are financed with equal monthly payments with the same Citi Credit Card, APR and number of payments, all items from those purchases that ship during the same billing period will be combined into one Flex Plan at the end of that billing period. Still, the name of the game for maximizing your Amazon Flex income is increasing the number of delivery blocks you can get. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. Delivery partners receive 100% of the tips customers provide. How does Amazon Flex driver pay compare with food delivery driver pay? When you place your order, the total purchase amount will be deducted from your available credit. Card Rewards. This way, you’ll be able to calculate how much you’ll earn per hour before you commit. Choose the blocks that fit your schedule, then get back to living your life. When you choose to pay for your purchase using a Citi Credit Card, you may be offered one or more equal monthly payment options during checkout. Even so, rest assured that Amazon is still keeping track of the total number of hours you work and will cut you off from delivery blocks if they think you’re getting too close to an amount of hours that could give you grounds to claim you’re an Amazon employee. Overlimit Charges. We are currently operating in: Toronto, Ontario When you hunt for the perfect side hustle, potential earnings are a big factor in your decision to apply or look for other options. Amazon purchases financed with equal monthly payments using a Citi credit card are processed as a Citi Flex Plan at the end of the billing period in which your items ship. It’s completely free to apply for Amazon Flex. If Amazon were to regularly give drivers 40-hour weeks, this could open them up to lawsuits demanding Amazon delivery drivers be treated as employees (and given the benefits that come with employee status). If your bank account information ever changes, you can easily update it in the “Account” tab of your Amazon Flex app. Amazon Flex drivers are paid a flat sum for every shift — known as a delivery block — they accept and complete. With Amazon Flex, you work only when you want to. Our insights are regularly quoted in publications like Forbes, The New York Times, The Guardian, CNBC, and, just to name a few. If you want to maximize your earnings by driving when demand is highest and the most delivery blocks are available, make sure to keep an eye out for shifts during the holiday season. At checkout, select your eligible Citi credit card as your payment method and choose your monthly payment option. Glassdoor has salaries, wages, tips, bonuses, and hourly pay based upon employee reports and estimates. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. Copyright © 2008–2020, Glassdoor, Inc. "Glassdoor" and logo are registered trademarks of Glassdoor, Inc. How much do Amazon Flex employees make? Amazon purchases financed with equal monthly payments using a Card are processed as Citi Flex Plans at the end of the Card’s billing period. It’s definitely possible to go full-time as an Amazon Flex driver. See your Card Agreement for more information about Citi Flex Plans. If your Flex Plan causes you to exceed your credit limit on your Citi Credit Card, you will be responsible for paying the Overlimit Amount which may include part of your Flex Plan balance, as part of the Minimum Payment Due on your next Citi Credit Card statement. Before you accept any delivery block, you’ll always see your guaranteed earnings as well as an estimate of how long it will take to complete the relevant deliveries. What Is Uber Connect And How Does It Work? Most available blocks typically last between two and six hours from the time of your arrival to the pick-up location to the time of your final package drop-off. When is demand the highest for Amazon Flex drivers? its now 10.30pm and the app directs me back to Amazon Bathgate station, It takes me around 40-60 mins,I drop off my returns and head home,another 30 mins,I'm home around 11.50pm -Midnight. Amazon Flex is a great way to make money on the side, but it’s not without its expenses. Now that you know how much Amazon Flex drivers make and spend, you can decide if you want to pursue Amazon package delivery or give the gig a pass. If items from a single Amazon purchase are financed with equal monthly payments and ship during different billing periods, they will be split into separate Flex Plans based on the billing period in which they shipped. If you’re delivering for Prime Now, you’ll also have the chance to earn tips. He has been a rideshare driver since early 2012, having completed hundreds of trips for companies including Uber, Lyft, and Postmates. Yes, eligible orders for equal monthly payments can be combined with ThankYou Points linked to Shop with Points at, an gift card or any combination of the above. Qualifying is easy: You just need to pass a background check, have a smartphone that can run the app and have a vehicle you can use to make deliveries. Do I need to pay for any part of the Amazon Flex driver application process? If any item in your order is processed as part of a Flex Plan, the item will be charged to your Citi Credit Card when shipped and you will be responsible for paying it off as part of a Flex Plan at the APR and number of payments selected at checkout. 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Amazon doesn’t want this, so they put the above caps in place (and phrase driver job titles carefully). He is currently working on a book about working in the Gig Economy, expanding his skill set beyond the rideshare niche. Your accountant can give you further guidance on which exact expenses qualify. Amazon Flex pays its contractors quite well, compared to food delivery services and similar companies in the gig economy. You will also receive customer tips within a couple of days of a completed delivery block. This offer is available to eligible cardmembers who have made a recent purchase on Amazon with their eligible Citi credit card and are checking out with a cart value of $100 or more. You’ll be able to see the hourly rate for a given schedule block before you select it, so there will be no ambiguity about how much you’ll be making on a shift.

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