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Armed with a formidable cast and intriguing plot, Top of the Lake: China Girl is one to put in your to-watch list. Puss really does love Mary and I'm glad and proud that that is something that the series wants to portray. Was there any inspiration for the character of Alexander, Mary’s boyfriend?Campion: It started in a couple different ways, one was to think of a partner for Mary who would be very disturbing. Actress Alice Englert wasn’t fazed baring her soul on camera for her mother Jane Campion’s latest series. It's all in a day's work for a young actor on the rise. Puss really does love Mary and I'm glad and proud that that is something that the series wants to portray. Parallel to Robin’s story line, we have that of the daughter Robin gave up as a teenager, the rebellious Mary (Alice Englert), and her adoptive parents: frizzy-haired, freckle-faced mother Julia (Nicole Kidman) and down-to-earth, paella-making Pyke (Ewan Leslie). As Englert points out, Mary is not always easy to like. Before 'Top of the Lake: China Girl' premieres worldwide this Friday (28 July), we speak to Alice Englert about her role as well as the complicated relationships and character dynamics on the show: Critically acclaimed series Top of the Lake returns for a second season, with Elisabeth Moss reprising the role Detective Robin Griffin. Jane Campion: A lot of the film was voice-over, and it was only when I said to Alice, “Why don’t you just read this,” that I realized she had this beautiful deep voice. I mean, I didn’t remember [our relationship] like that, but you never know how people see you! That was a really interesting thing to explore throughout the series, Mary's infidelities with all the romances of her adopted mother, her real mother, her real lover and the dad. We've been doing these family dinner scenes and it's just war and all kind of war, too. Nicole Kidman as Mary’s mother, Julia, with Mary (Alice Englert). In rehearsal we did a lot of improvisations around the family time and around Mary’s adolescence growing up. "I play Mary Edwards, the biological daughter of detective Robin Griffin. "Rehearsal was incredible, I really loved it. What about Mary's very unusual relationship with Puss? I think for Mary they're a king and a queen. From the beginning of the writing process of the second series, Mary was written so that I could portray her.”. This time, Moss is joined by Nicole Kidman, Gwendoline Christie, Alice Englert and David Dencik in the crime-mystery series. I did a lot of writing about bad things that Julia (her adoptive mother in the show) has done to deserve the cruel treatment she's given.". I knew I could do the role because every time it said “Mary cries”, I was going “oh God”. “I think she’s fantastic, she’s one of the best filmmakers in the world, and so it’s been easy, and I just do what she wants – or at least try to do what she wants.”. The entire season of 'Top of the Lake: China Girl' premieres on BBC Player this Friday, 28 July 2017. Elle a quelque chose. The second season moves to the bright, brash backdrop of seaside Sydney, but signs of the city’s dark underbelly wash ashore on Bondi Beach in the form of a body in a suitcase. Calamity, une enfance de Martha Jane Cannary, Les Croods 2 : une nouvelle ère Bande-annonce VF, Sous les étoiles de Paris Bande-annonce VF, The Craft - Les nouvelles sorcières Bande-annonce VO. I can't remember the exact quote but Robin's mother said this in Season One: "You mistake this coldness for strength"—and I think that Mary is experiencing that herself when we meet her, the attempt to try and control her life and to feel safe by not being vulnerable anymore.".

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