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At the end of this crisis, Lethbridge-Stewart was promoted to General, although he still preferred to be called "Brigadier." (PROSE: Moon Blink) He was further frustrated by having to turn the rabble and rotten apples he was receiving into a functioning unit and worse, in a mission at Chelsea Barracks, he couldn't even use HAVOC staff as they were elsewhere in the country receiving training. At twenty one, he became a fully commissioned second lieutenant. (TV: The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith), The Brigadier's record as a companion of the Doctor in the Black Archive was either created or updated around this time, as it says under his photo in the Archive "Sir Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart". (PROSE: Deadly Reunion), Ironically, given his future occupation, Alistair read science fiction magazines but dismissed alien stories as a load of rubbish. He personally spoke to Security Council members about the alien threats. He approached Dr Elizabeth Shaw, who was initially sceptical of both the offer and the idea of aliens. (PROSE: The Scales of Injustice), It was shortly after this incident that the Brigadier answered a call for help from an old friend and colleague Colonel Heinrich Konrad, UNIT commander at Kriedskind Castle. In 1977, the Brigadier was investigating an Inca pyramid in South America. (PROSE: Deadly Reunion), In 1954, he was a lieutenant stationed in Sierra Leone. He is available in his uniform from The Web of Fear, in his field mission uniform from Terror of the Autons and in his Cyberman form from Death in Heaven from after he flew away from Earth. director Nick Fury met Alistaire at the funeral and told him that his sister was framed. (TV: Terror of the Autons), The Brigadier employed Jo Grant as the Doctor's new assistant. Experiences in North Korea left him unwilling to ever be captured. (PROSE: Deadly Reunion). Later, after returning to HQ, the Brigadier received a report that the Doctor, Sergeant Yates, a Silurian, and the missing teenager Marc Marshall had been taken aboard a stealth plane. He said that he should never have listened to the voice, and apologised for how he had been acting. (TV: Mawdryn Undead), The Second Doctor and the Brigadier. The Great Intelligence then forced James to jump to his death, in an act of spite against Alistair for thwarting it in his later years. Travelling to the school, the Doctor and the Brigadier discovered that at least one student had already suffered the same symptoms. The Brigadier returned the salute, and then flew away. Discovering that the American government authorised the nuclear bombing of Great Britain to stop the threat, the Doctor was given 29 minutes to negotiate with the Remoraxians. Attempting to return the train's passengers to their proper reality, Alistaire and Excalibur accidentally ended up traveling through various realities of the multiverse, searching for a way home. (PROSE: Island of Death). Alistaire's cursed body is mutable, regularly changing appearance and extremely elastic; he has learned to exploit this, using the curse to analyze and manipulate magical energies on contact. S.H.I.E.L.D. He had a chance encounter with Samson Ware, now a TV stuntman, at the pub in summer 1969 and convinced his old friend to join HAVOC. (TV: Spearhead from Space), The Brigadier leads from the front. (COMIC: The Warkeeper's Crown), In 1940, during the London Blitz, he spent a night in a public shelter in Eaton Square. The Brigadier was charming, but professional and serious, being unwilling to take nonsense from others, although sometimes displaying an acerbic wit of his own. The cult was formed around a menacing alien creature called the Grinning Man and Lethbridge-Stewart was almost killed encountering them; to his surprise, and before he could shoot the Grinning Man, the 'creature' turned out to be the local pub owner in a mask. Using the Cyberman ability to fly, he rescued his daughter who had been blown out of the UNIT presidential plane, showing he had chosen to keep his emotions while uploaded to the Nethersphere. Another account held that he was born in Cornwall, England with an older brother, James Lethbridge-Stewart. (TV: The Power of Three), According to one source, along with Doris, Mike Yates and Benton, he attended the wedding of the Doctor's former companion, Bernice Summerfield, to Jason Kane in Cheldon Bonniface in 2010. When the entity appeared at Kent, disrupting manouveres by Lethbridge-Stewart's men, he and Samson took the group to her pub for safety. (PROSE: Business Unusual), The Brigadier and his daughter Kate. (TV: Day of the Daleks), The Brigadier and the rest of UNIT began to find it difficult to remember the Master, during an invasion by silver crabs along the British coastline. To his dismay, to stop the entity - which eventually required a nuclear strike on the seabed - he had to knowingly kill infected humans. He replaced the deceased Colonel Pemberton, who was killed in hand-to-hand combat with a Yeti. At the same time, he re-encountered the Doctor, who had been forced to regenerate into his third incarnation and exiled to 20th century Earth by the Time Lords. (TV: The Day of the Doctor), As of late 2010, Lethbridge-Stewart was still on assignment in Peru and could not attend the Eleventh Doctor's staged funeral. (PROSE: The Forgotten Son), He'd rarely visited his mother since entering Sandhurst. Because of this, Alistair soon grew somewhat jealous of the attention that his brother was receiving from his mother. Nevertheless, his most continuous period of interaction with the Doctor was during the Time Lord's second, third and fourth incarnations. (PROSE: The Gift), While teaching at Sandhurst Military School, the Brigadier met the Tenth Doctor, having been drawn in by a group of aliens seeking a great soldier to lead their forces, their analysis of the Doctor's subconscious having identified the Brigadier as Earth's greatest soldier due to his high opinion of his friend. The Tenth Doctor also presumably (though not explicitly) visited the Brigadier off-screen during the time of the closing scenes of The End of Time, as the Eleventh Doctor later told Jo in The Sarah Jane Adventures story Death of the Doctor that he had visited everyone who ever travelled with him. (PROSE: The Forgotten Son), Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart, while serving in Libya with the Scots Guards 2nd Battalion, was called back to England on the request of his old mentor and friend, Colonel Spencer Pemberton, to assist with the London Event. He was frequently exasperated by the Fourth Doctor's rather childish personality, and often argued with his predecessor due to the Third Doctor's preference of solving problems with science rather than weapons. (PROSE: The Note), Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart was born on 22 February either 1929 or 1930 (PROSE: Blood Heat, No Future, The Forgotten Son) to Mary and Gordon Conall Lethbridge-Stewart.

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