adam thoroughgood house

Landscape Design Plan B, Alden Hopkins, 1958. Out of an abundance of caution due to COVID-19, this Museum is currently closed. In 1609, a fourteen … Note:The images presented here record various stages of the property's landscape restoration. Since additional work has been supported by The Garden Club of Virginia at many properties, these images do not necessarily represent the current-day experience. Smith, 5 March 1958, requesting support from The Garden Club of Virginia. 1636 Parish Road He can be reached at Therefore, landscape architect Alden Hopkins worked with Restoration Committee members to draw from contemporary English tradition. Hopkins used yaupon holly extensively to create the feel of a contemporary English garden. Guided tours of the home itself give you a glimpse into the daily lifestyle of wealthy Virginia colonists who lived there. Children under age 6 are free. September 17, 2018. It stands on land obtained in 1636 by Adam Thoroughgood, who came to the colony as an indentured servant and gained prominence as a landowner and Burgess. Plaque commemorating the restoration work undertaken by The Garden Club of Virginia between 1958 and 1960. One of the oldest surviving colonial homes in Virginia Beach and a National Historic Landmark, the Thoroughgood House was built in 1719 by Argall Thorowgood, great-grandson of Adam Thorowgood. The restored house seen from one of the arbors. Virginia Beach, Virginia 23455 Their son John later added the elements for which the house is known: its extensive wainscoting and paneling, as well as its dramatic turned staircase. Argall Thorowgood died mid-construction and his wife Susannah completed the work. Adam Thoroughgood House. Slide, Adam Thoroughgood House. This charming house is tucked back in a quiet neighborhood near the banks of the Lynnhaven River. Immerse yourself in Virginia's history by visiting one of our exhibitions. Photographic print, Adam Thoroughgood House.Museum CollectionAccession number: 1997.31.15.M. The Adam Thoroughgood House is a National Historic Landmark and is possibly the oldest surviving colonial home in Virginia Beach. Restoration of the building had been undertaken by the Adam Thoroughgood House Foundation, an organization that in a few years would turn the property over to the City of Norfolk. Adam Thoroughgood and Thoroughgood House. (757) 385-5100 The Thoroughgood House CIRCA 1719. The costumed staff offer guided tours which are conducted throughout the house. Tuesday - Saturday: 10am - 4pm. Steve is a freelance writer specializing in technology, travel, health, and more. Slide, Adam Thoroughgood House.Museum CollectionAccession number: 1997.31.8.D. Sunday: Noon - 4pm. The mansion is said to be haunted by at least eleven spirits and was also the site of the infamous dunking of Grace Sherwood (aka The Witch of Pungo.)

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