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Street towards the station), but no actually aware of, was (surprisemundo) a huns game and coins coming over the corrugated tin wall at the end of a game. Happy days though, we ruled Scotland, and often were so frustrated at the lack of competition that we would just take the piss. You're joking, the bird I'm on about is called Jess! A wifie at my work claims to be married to an ex casual. He should make more of an effort. Even without him supporting Man U he'd be a tosspot. Followers 0. Poodler is Smokey Robinson in disguise . Also not bragging or trying to act like some hardman, but I was there and regularly paid the cost at various courts across the UK before I saw sense and got a grip (some might doubt it) of my life. Lichties Chat; Aston Villa FC. Blues Talk; Blackburn Rovers FC. Sign up for a new account in our community. Speak to me under the floodlight tomorrow. Anyone heard that Bryson won't play for us again? The only folks I can think o' fae that area would be Hewitt or Watson. Bucksburn/Ellon lads always came before the toonsers for me though. AFC Chat Football Forums ; The Rumour Mill ; Exudus from Aberdeen FC Sign in to follow this . Recommended Posts. Big D's mate at the time and my mate was a guy called Blackpool (John). Torry lads. Me and him are very similar in our rants on Facebook, although I've been relatively subdued with mine lately - but did have a good een on Monday regarding folk uploading pictures of their salads on a Monday and think they are some form of Gordon Ramsay. Another good guy. I went to a lot of Jays rave nights as well but never gave up the football like most. I didnt believe them, one little head jog and both were running into their warehouse like the pricks that bully wimmen they are. No no couldn't get time off fro Inverurie Academy. The first bother I was aware of (it was always rumoured as the away support went back along (Rose?) When things did kick off though, there was no quarter given - especially in the first half of the 80s. He is in good health now although last Friday in the Masada Mobby got him bingoed, think he fell asleep in Wild Boar actually. My Uncle loves the Dons. More than 50 men who attended a support group in the city have considered taking their own lives in the last year, organisers have said. it might not be the contract that's ripped up but the players agreement to accept wage changes as part of the COVID response within the club. Haha, a recruiter? The rest of her pictures are her in her underwear in some backstreet glamour shots! I have this bird on Instagram who posts every meal she makes saying #respectyourbody etc. Wouldnt surprise me if he walks there about 15 foot behind Dod so he too can claim he was escorted to and from the ground by police. I know what you mean regarding food. I did see pictures of Top Cat and mobby on Facers actually. Some other names I remember were Strath, Jim, Mole, Yateser and Simmie. From a renowned family o' fiels. Hah, ok then. AFC-Chat 2005 - 2020 By BJD2233, August 18 in The Rumour Mill. ie. Cherries Chat; Brighton and Hove Albion FC. I had a spike hair do, me and my pal waiting in the queue for the cinema and this older lad started with a flick, so we were slagging each other and then an even older lad who knew the boy in the queue, started ripping him to pieces about his hair and I think he had even put grolsch bottle tops in his shoes. Link to post Share on other sites. Granted it's a lot of folk posting pictures of their fucking dinner but there is a few hidden gems on it. That's been the chat I'm hearing from the lads down The Ranch. I'm pals with TC, I go climbing with him, I've seen you on under his crazy fb rants. Ran them off at Aberdeen City Libraries on their photocopier on this school lunch break! Some right characters mentioned on here, Feel Billy another classic. I'm not promoting violence, just saying it as it was. I'm sure he moved down to London. It's easy! Bit like the charity work I do for blind orphans I prefer to keep it off board. Errr....I don't think so but if she phoned me and is a recruiter then I'd not be able to get her Snapchats or twitter out my head: WATCH when opening if you're at work. He's been stealing a wage for long enough. Christ, that's nae her, but many thanks good sir, Jessaliciousxx on Instagram. So what's the latest regarding Bryson and Devlin contracts "Torn up" Cosgrove / McKenna requesting a transfer and Logan / Hedges / McGeough leaving. Makes a periodic appearance in Block S with Euchter. A support group has saved a man’s life – just hours after being formed in Aberdeen. I wouldn't have put our numbers at more than 25 so there wasn't a lot of us, you might recall the rest were on the ramp at Waverley when it happened. Share this post. Having met him I don't believe he would have been. what a pish story, but funny at the time. Played against Rougvie in the now defunct Hydrasun 7's. I find that hard to believe. BTW, never said Bunter was a top boy - just a guy I knew whose nickname I remember. Latest Club News for Aberdeen FC. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Aberdeen Soccer Casuals - Where/who Are You Now. AFC-Chat 2005 - 2020 I just remember the mohicans, the proper 18 inch spikey jobs, outlined against the sunshine coming in the doors at the back. You have prompted a memory though, sitting in the souther with my Dad, must have been brand new at the time, looking over to the beach end for a hibs game - they were cordoned into the back left corner if I mind right. Normally some old asc members on it. Andre, as in black guy. Aberdeen Supporter only passing on some shit I got from a mate. Cunts. AFC-Chat 2005 - 2020 Doug Rougvie is still in the area from time to time. I find anything that comes out of her mouth hard to believe. Your kindnesskindness knows no boundaries and never ceases to amaze. In the meantime Si the Seagull and Donnie the Sheep's futures must be in doubt. Ahhhh yes, soapbox. Poodler...I've prodded him. I was at almost all the events listed in bloody casuals, there were big numbers in those days and I was young compared to most, if you still went right through after the eighties and into the nineties into the MC and PJ eras you'll know me. Take this how you want. George Sim and his brother? Wonder if Mike "Monkey Hoose" W will be at Parkheid, or dining in the bowels of Old Trafford pre Liverpool game? Fraid I was far too yokel for any of that casual aquaintance stuff. Birds min. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Of course he will, manure arent up for winning anything now so he'll be latching onto us again claiming to be a die hard. Hah, ok then. It's easy! It's about time he gave some of it back. The fucking chairman rubbished it so the answer is pretty clear. She's a dirty, I've porked her a few times. Yeah respect indeed. Bryson was photographed in training yesterday - id find that bizarre to say the least if he had his contract terminated and was no longer employed by Aberdeen Football Club. I asked her to see what she could find out and she told me 'Craig will either confirm or deny his contract has been ripped up but did confirm him and Devlin had challenged the fine' She also noted that usually Craig wouldn't normally be 'shady' with her but he was shady with her on this occasion. Sheddocksley way but he doesn't stay often in that hoose - always away, someone said he works offshore? All sound boys can't remember many names though. It's ages since i last saw his brother on here. Boof I won't be there tomorrow, I'll PM you the link Instagram is the new Facebook without all the mums and soppy pictures. Me and him are very similar in our rants on Facebook, although I've been relatively subdued with mine lately - but did have a good een on Monday regarding folk uploading pictures of their salads on a Monday and think they are some form of Gordon Ramsay. meh. #stalker haha. BJD2233 8 BJD2233 8 Good Prospect; Members; 8 3 posts ; Posted August 18. perms at the back of the head. so he got totally torn apart and after that there was nothing left for him to say. Cheers. Powered by Invision Community. On 8/19/2020 at 1:56 PM, RobbieWintersLoveChild said: On 9/8/2020 at 6:34 AM, ericblack4boss said. Watch this space. Was at Jay's rave on his farm with the cow that died giving birth - not a pretty sight (or memory). Contact Information. Strath, Blackpool, Puffin, Hayser, Muirhead, Wattie, Chile, Joey, Griz. Tykes Chat; Birmingham City FC. There's a lot of love in the room here tonight. Villa Chat; Toff and Gloo's Tavern; ClassicThread; Barnsley FC. Find match reports and previews, galleries of gamedays and other news relating to Aberdeen Football Club The Slessors (fae Mastrick) had a good reputation. before I moved to Edinburgh, I was about 11 but was rocking the pepe cords, adidas avengers! Roberto 1,456 Roberto 1,456 Deleted Mon Account; Members; 1,456 39,700 posts; Posted March 6, 2014. Aberdeen Soccer Casuals - Where/who Are You Now. Never says hello to my Uncle. Reebok Rant ; AFC Bournemouth. Also woke up in my spare bedroom (nope not with me) and has no recollection of why he came back to mine - just thought after a drinking sesh, fuck it - back to Balmedie. I'm travelling on jays bus to the final. Powered by Invision Community. Although I do remember a guy who looked like Penfold. So what team do you support? Top boy, shite drinker! Some set of floats on her though. Got jailed for printing ASC cartoons, 'inciting violence' I think the sheriff said. Chapman was a good lad and a proper wind-up merchant. time for a revival. Sign up for a new account in our community. Prev; 1; 2; Next; Page 1 of 2 . Hud on, away to make my avatar anonymous again hahaha shit could go down. I do. The "Exudus" bit gives it away but tbf at least half the posters here spell "McGeouch" incorrectly every fucking time. Not a Fucking Hun, Understand that a brand new poster would sound full of rubbish but i work with a best friend of Bryson down in darkest Weegieland. Everybody else who walks their dog says hello. His brother posts here, he wouldn't tell me his username on the semi bus however. Even without him supporting Man U he'd be a tosspot. A link to this bird would be nice. I would also appreciate a link, for clarity. Aye that Bryson and Devlin rumour has a wee chancey now with four weeks to go of the transfer window.

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