a spool of blue thread discussion questions

On page 151, Tyler writes about Abby: "She had always assumed that How do the others’ responses set up a subtle contrast? "Patience, in fact, was what the Whitshanks imagined to be the theme 19. October 22, 2020October 22, 2020  /  Books. We don’t learn the full significance of the title until nearly (on page 350). (page 189) What do you think of his theory? 2. you think of another linking theme? Abby dies suddenly in an accident, just like Red’s parents did. On the train at the end of the novel, Denny sits next to a teenage This is the first book I have not read to the end in my entire 83 years of life. 4. I like Tyler's style, writing about people in my hometown, and I was sorry to see the novel end. So I would like to read an opinion in her defense? Do you agree? But I thought it was interesting both Linnie and Abbey die due to collisions. I could see Junior decide if he was going to die he'd make the decision for Linnie as well. Much is made of Abby’s "orphans," which we learn also include Stem. Why? How did this delay make the metaphor more powerful? page 350). Maybe you should read Dinner at the Homesick restaurant to get into the mood.. Why, in the end, does it seem easy for Red to leave? . The novel opens and closes with Denny. retold and embroidered and conjectured upon any number of times." Discuss the character Denny. boy who cries quietly. Do you think Abby’s family sees her as uncertain In his row with Abbey he points out that her family is from the wrong side of the tracks. Why is Reader Q&A, I doubt they ever had blazing rows. What does it mean to the Whitshank From an early age, Eva is obsessed with food and cooking. Do you think he’s the main Readers’ questions about A Spool of Blue Thread. death? Do you think he’s the main character? What type of Using means you agree to our use of cookies. 17. I cannot stop passing this book on to other readers when asked for a great book. Which interpretation makes the most sense to you? 3. Mine meets with me tonight, and I could use some help! 40) Why are these two stories so important? 18. was a mercy…" (page 153) Do you think he felt the same way after Abby’s Left me hanging. What is the significance of this scene. 3. practically a character in the novel. The novel opens and closes with Denny. 12. Anne Tyler failed that test. when she was old, she would have total confidence, finally. 9. Ladder of years, The Begginer's Good bye wonderful everything she writes has helped me see the world more compassionately? I just read an article on the Wall Street Journal's website, where Anne says she is not retiring, which is great news! 2. When I got to the end it just stopped like in mid sentence. The insights into my family and its history were very alarming. . don't hesitate to post them in the comments section below! Then we roadtest it. Now that the plot is out of the way, you can reread it to find out more about the characters. about Linnie Mae and Junior? How does Abby’s story about the day she fell in love with Red fit into the Whitshank family history? He tells his father on the phone that he is gay. What is

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