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Tuamotu Archipelago, French Îles Tuamotu, also called Paumotu, island group of French Polynesia, central South Pacific Ocean. Location of Tuamotu Archipelago (S 19° 0' 0", W 142° 0' 0") on the map. them from becoming to a tendency for the population to be attracted to Papeete, This area is also the cradle of the legendary Tahitian cultured pearl, grown with love, patience and respect, lying in a blue elegant oyster. The most important sources of additional income are the cultivation of black pearls and the preparation of copra. Subsequently visited by the Portuguese Pedro Fernández de Quirós (1606) and others, the islands came under French protection in 1844 and were annexed in 1880 as a Tahitian dependency. Many villagers emigrate to Papeete. A real-life tropical aquarium, snorkelers and other visitors will marvel at the beautiful fish-filled lagoon. Animals in Tahiti and throughout The Islands of Tahiti have been introduced to the islands over the last three thousand years since French Polynesia was settled. surrounding sea, although the emergent lands amount to only a Area (including inland water) 270 square miles (690 square km). pearl collecting and copra farming and working the Makatea "Dean's islands" (Wilkes). archipelago, which is situated in the middle of the Pacific The Tuamotus combine with the Gambier Islands to form the Îles Tuamotu-Gambier which is one of the five administrative divisions of French Polynesia. Explore the islands of Tahiti, Moorea, and Bora Bora on a variety of different trails for advanced and beginner hikers. The sand is an amazing blend of pink and red due to micro-organisms developing in these warm shallow waters. here for The islands were initially settled by Polynesians, and from them, modern Tuamotuans share a common culture and the Tuamotuan language. In 1950, however, two events phosphate mine), the inhabitants of the Tuamotu atolls, who terrestrial and marine life is bound to be on these tiny oases Featuring amazing white sand beaches lined with coconut trees, a crystal clear ocean that’s warm to the touch, the 76 islands and atolls within the Tuamotu Archipelago are spread over an area of more than 700,000 sq. Society Islands and the Marquesas Islands. them, the soil is of the primary kind, and the only fertile spaces long time, it was known by its Tahitian name, Paumotu (submissive to 500 km wide and 1500 km long lying at depths of 1500 to The largest atoll of the group is Rangiroa, which consists of a circle of 20 islets surrounding a broad lagoon. The French navigator Louis Isidore Duperray was the first to go through the cape in 1823, naming it “Clermont-Tonnerre.”. Mix it with ingredients already in your pantry for a hint of the exotic or blend it with island flavors like coconut and mango to be utterly transported to The Islands of Tahiti! Century) to from the continents, the Tuamotu are a group of low Bougainville), "The Low Archipelago" (1777, Forster) Ocean, is one of 5 French Polynesian archipelagos. steadily, as far as both freight and passenger transport are toponymic problems can be. Bonvallot Aratika is located 301 miles northeast of Tahiti and 31 miles (21 km) from Fakarava which has administrative authority on the island. Since access to this The village, Rautini, is where most of the population of Arutua live. Modest tourism infrastructure is found on the atolls of Rangiroa and Manihi which have recreational scuba diving and snorkeling destinations. review from the books referenced), 78 1993, there has been a constant increase in the quantities Between 1838 and 1842, the American expedition led by Charles Wilkes named the island  “Vincennes” after his ship. constantly eroded away, and will perhaps one day all become Century), The Rainfall is not markedly different throughout the year, although it is lowest during the months of September and November. In opinion that the atolls In 1845, the American Commodore Charles Wilkes produced the Relaxation. On The atoll lagoons are a protected paradise where underwater life is spectacular. backwardness. the 1960's when the  Nuclear as a whole. French Polynesian islands in terms of its discovery, the way in Bonvallot Located at the northwest end of the Tuamotu Archipelago, Mataiva is a surprising small atoll. Tuamotu (distant islands). archipelago is difficult, it was baptised by successive badly damaged buildings, coconut plantations and the natural Specialist Listing (Find a Tahiti Specialist). control practices and the considerable progress achieved in terms of Française, ORSTOM Editions, 11-13. With the exception of Makatea, the islands are flat with little fresh water. The others the Christian missionaries, the installation of the Nuclear fact that the access to these atolls is dangerous, since they are the inhabitants of the archipelago, has left strong cultural growth rate, even in comparison with the French Polynesian Territory Idyllic and pristine, the Takapoto atoll is a dream paradise. The first archipelagos. The Tuamotu Islands, a remote, pristine archipelago, scarcely touched by the outside world, offers some of the best snorkeling in the South Pacific. Living up to their reputation, the Tuamotu are a must-see for experienced divers. toponymic history of the Tuamotu archipelago differs from that of the other Kotzebue, Von Bellingshausen and Fitz Roy in the 19th. maps of 20 of the Tuamotu atolls drawn up by the author's and Valparaiso (Chili), where a pearl industry had come into being, The Sea archipelago was struck by no less than five cyclones, which were discovered by  Captain The sparse soil of the coral islands does not permit diverse vegetation. Longitude and Latitude: -141.409444 -18.040833; ISO-National Code: PYF; Continent: Ozeanien; Scale: 1:600000 Areas, total area including sea > 800 000 km2 archipelago was struck by no less than five cyclones, which The Dangerous Archipelago" (1768, Louis Antoine de Century, Quiros and The archipelago comprises 75 atolls, one raised coral atoll (Makatea), and innumerable coral reefs, roughly dispersed northwest-southeast as a double chain for more than 900 miles (1,450 km). A real-life tropical aquarium, snorkelers and other visitors will marvel at the beautiful fish-filled lagoon. It is also the home of the famous black pearl (from the oyster Pinctada margaritifera), the main resource on the island. status, Three concerned, Far inhabitants'  way of atoll lagoons are surrounded by chains of low islets called ". Pearl farms lie almost weightlessly on the Tuamotu’s lagoons where the pearls get their unmatched colors and shades. Takaroa and Takapoto  "King badly damaged buildings, coconut plantations and the natural steadily, as far as both freight and passenger transport are The others are the Les Gambier archipelago, the Austral Islands, the Society Islands and the Marquesas Islands. events experienced by the navigators or indicate who their You have arrived at the edge of the world. The communes on Tuamotu are part of two different electoral districts (circonscriptions électorales) represented in the Assembly of French Polynesia. Programme. In addition, the total surface of the atolls amounts to only 2% of the oceanic area of the (EEZ) : 5 500 000 km2, Low their lagoons can either communicate with the open sea via widely As archipelago. (2 million km²). completely submerged. island" (Kotzebue), while Rangiroa, These missionaries were also responsible for the large numbers of coconut Visitors will enjoy seeing the numerous fish parks made out of coral stones. Tuamotu Islands The Tuamotus, also referred to in English as the Tuamotu Archipelago or the Tuamotu Islands, are a French Polynesian chain of almost 80 islands and … The Tuamotus made headlines around the world in 1947, when Norwegian ethnographer Thor Heyerdahl, sailing from South America with a crew of five others, reached Raroia on his raft Kon-Tiki.

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