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We also take great pride in the training and development of our staff, as well as our comprehensive business network. Established as a licensed money lender in Hong Kong in 1992, Promise (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd inherits the experience of SMBCCF in credit management, operation management and marketing management, providing convenient consumer finance, which have always been popular to local customers. Online loan application does not require any supporting documents# except your HKID card and mobile number. And it was very successful! When China expelled more than a dozen American reporters last month, its Foreign Ministry said they would also be barred from working as journalists in Hong Kong. No-fuss returns . “No one can see a path forward.”. He was replaced by the immigration director, Erick Tsang, who displays photos of Chinese leader Xi Jinping in his office. The Hong Kong government responded by issuing three conflicting statements within a few hours. The most important news stories of the day, curated by Post editors and delivered every morning. Payments exceeding $5,000 will be made in two or more transactions. Being one of the few personal loan providers who serve on Sundays, Promise is dedicated to providing flexible financing solutions for local citizens. Beijing officials also called for Hong Kong to introduce a national security law — shelved when an earlier attempt at its introduction sparked massive protests in 2003 — and reached further into the city’s legislature with attacks on pro-democracy lawmakers. Don't pay any intermediaries. Registration Deadline: The upshot is that the Hong Kong the world knew — a capitalist enclave where political freedoms were protected and the rule of law applied — is severely compromised. This July, during the Jockey Club Community Arts Biennale 2015 exhibition, one thousand rice bowls painted with traditional patterns will be on display for the public. The annual percentage rate varies from a minimum of 4.49% to a maximum of 59.26%. The demonstrations also provoked warnings from Beijing of an impending crackdown as well as a reshuffle of its representative offices in the territory. You can also re-finance and raise repayment amount via phone or online. The company is Live now. Whether you are planning for a dream wedding, starting up your business, paying taxes and tuition, resolving cash flow problems or settling credit card debts, Promise would provide the best financial solution for every critical moment. The arrests buttressed a week of coordinated actions by Beijing that experts say have redefined the status of Hong Kong. Apply for your loan online and get preliminary approval results instantly. ◉ “Instant Approval" is limited to online application which is a preliminary approval result. Promise provides daily interest for repayment scheme, calculated only until the day of full repayment. Lau Siu-kai, vice president of the Chinese Association of Hong Kong and Macao Studies, which advises the central government on Hong Kong matters, said the past few days’ events represented a “hard-line approach” to the city’s political crisis and aimed to reinvigorate the “fighting spirit and patriotic forces.”. •    send it by email to All examples and information of interest rate are for reference only, and final approval is subject to actual circumstances of individual loan applicant. As Washington prepares its annual report on the Hong Kong Policy Act, the legislation that allows the United States to treat the territory differently from mainland China and underpins Hong Kong’s status as a financial center, China’s actions raise an urgent question: How long can Hong Kong be seen as apart from the mainland? We reserve the right of final approval. Home > Events > Series & Festivals > Jockey Club Community Arts Biennale > Jockey Club Community Arts Biennale 2015 - One Bowl, One Promise: Collecting Promises. Warning: You have to repay your loans. The company’s officials were slated to visit Hong Kong later that year to meet government representatives, Mok said. Established in 1992, Promise has been operating in Hong Kong for almost 30 years, and we understand that our customers want simple and instant financing solutions. Selected ideas will be announced on this page, and will be included onto the base of the rice bowls for public exchange! Click here for branch locations and service hours. Enquiries: Western diplomats in the city now worry that its institutions have become irreversibly co-opted by Beijing. Free home delivery over HK$500. Pick up litter ~ A. Chan In response to The Post, a spokesman for the government added that an “individual case does not have any bearing on the overall policy” of Hong Kong to “welcome and facilitate” visitors, and that it rejected about 50,000 people last year. To apply online, you only need to provide your ID card and mobile number#. Promise (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd is a member of Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group (SMFG), one of the leading finance institutions in Japan. # For application, only HK ID card and mobile phone will be required for working people. “Instant Money Transfer” applies to loans that are transferred via Faster Payment System (FPS), which subject to the system maintenance periods. Assuming a loan amount of HK$200,000, with monthly flat rate of 0.2% (annual percentage rate of 4.49%) and a repayment period of 36 months with no handling fee, the monthly repayment amount will be HK$5,940. Tiffany Liang contributed to this report. The Promise is a 2005 Chinese epic fantasy film directed by Chen Kaige, starring Jang Dong-gun, Hiroyuki Sanada, Cecilia Cheung, and Nicholas Tse.It is loosely adapted from The Kunlun Slave, a wuxia romance story written by Pei Xing in the ninth century during the Tang dynasty. ◆ The maximum loan amount for “Freelancer” will be HK$100,000. You can re-finance the approved credit without additional application or approval. Each bowl is painted by one of the few remaining Canton porcelain painters, Mrs Lam of Chui Kee Porcelain on Peng Chau. Moreover, we add values to our loan service with popular features such as daily interest and revolving loans. Coronavirus is fueling new protests in Hong Kong. Inheriting the financial knowledge and experience of its mother company in credit management, operation management and marketing management, Promise provides tailored personal loan solutions to meet every financial need. The Hong Kong government has said it cannot comment on individual cases or reveal the circumstances of denials. As the unrest broadened into a push for full democracy, months of sometimes violent clashes ensued that reshaped the relationship between Hong Kong’s people and the police, whom many now view as a political force executing Beijing’s orders. New customer who applies for a loan and withdraws it by 31 October 2020, can entitle up to HK$5,000 cash reward immediately. 30/06/2015 (Tue) Apart from providing tailor-made loan solutions to all clients, we strive to bring quality loan experience to the general public through delivering professional and reliable hotline, branch and online services. A spokesman for Dow Jones, the Journal’s publisher, declined to comment. What kind of positive ripple effect can we create by simply being kinder to each other? Visitors who pledge to honour one of these promises and document their good deeds will be able to take home the corresponding rice bowl! Die Geschichte wird abwechselnd von Soraya und Graham in Ich-Form erzählt, dadurch kommen einem die beiden Protagonisten und ihre Gedanken schnell näher und sie gewinnen beim … All cash reward will be forfeited after 30 November 2020. / 2214 0177 The Post has tallied at least nine cases since September in which foreign journalists, activists and academics were told they could not enter Hong Kong after arriving at the border or were denied employment visas. Sign up to our mailing list to be the first to hear about upcoming events… don't miss out! Promises written in Chinese should be 30 characters or less, and those written in English should be 50 characters or less (including punctuation). Promise (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd is a wholly owned overseas subsidiary of SMBC Consumer Finance (hereinafter “SMBCCF”), one of the leading consumer finance institutions in Japan.. A simple act of kindness may seem insignificant by itself, but the cumulative effect of such acts can make a real difference. Established in 1992, Promise has been operating in Hong Kong for almost 30 years, and we understand that our customers want simple and instant financing solutions. Warning: You have to repay your loans. Promise stands by you at every critical moment. ~ K.Wong. You may visit one of our branches, go to our website or call our hotline for a loan application. Website Accessibility Notice: PromiseOne Bank website has been improved to make reasonable efforts to convey public functionality in a manner presentable to our visually impaired and low vision customers, potential customers, and companions to such customers or potential customers. Lee, the veteran democracy leader, said the developments leave no doubt that Beijing’s plan is to “squeeze” Hong Kong.

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