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Dash and Claire have a date night at her place. There's going to be an awareness of it, but those are not the stories we are going to tell.". Keller's devotion, like that of his youth, knows no bounds, but his body is failing. Keller directs that “this will get you home, no matter where you are.” Max breaks down with Dr. Lim in the chapel. Morgan and Park learn that Wes has hepatitis and had a drug abusive past. The premiere of Season 4, "Frontline," is a two-parter, which will air its two parts on Nov 2 and 9 respectively. Dr. Park and several of the staff at the hospital are involved in the rescue of Wes Keller from a heavily forested area. It is still playing that gross video. Suddenly, the doctors observe that Wes’s limbs are swollen and his urine output is low. Alice’s adrenal gland itself is acting as a tumor. Melendez, Claire and Shaun brainstorm over Alice’s case. After giving birth to her daughter, Alice has been unable to walk without tripping. Not only does Alice walk successfully, she even picks Ruby up in her arms. She’s sick of him trying to fix every problem and reminds him about how his autism would remain unfixable. Owen gives her two options of either living with her condition or getting the therapy done all alone as he and Ruby would leave. Lim watches on as Wes summons all the boys in his room and gives them knowledge about star navigation. Wes’s surgery is underway. Moreover, he cannot let the person who saved his life time and again die this way. Morgan drives out the boys from Wes’s room and is disgusted to find one of them watching pimple-popping videos. Leading them in The Real O'Neals Noah Galvin as Asher Wolke, a former member of an Orthodox Jewish sect who has removed himself from that environment in order to go to medical school. "Autopsy" The promo for Season 4 also sees the characters grieving the loss of Dr. Neil Melendez (Nicholas Gonzalez). So far, the show has not revealed its episode count for Season 4. Some episodes contain scenes with characters in bed with each other. Lim offers her shoulder whilst fighting her own guilt. Except for continuous dialysis, a transplant is the only option left. The Good Doctor Season 4 is the latest network drama to release a trailer. He explains to the young boys how bad choices effect life. Even after Park and Andrews lay down all side-effects of losing a kidney, Max remains adamant. Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls,,, While talking about how close the boys are to him and how overprotective they are of him, he suddenly gets a heart attack. Dr. Murphy gets an idea to help Alice, but his first intuitions are not correct. Family donors are not much of a possibility, because Wes was in jail on and off for many years, along with doing drugs. COVID-19 is likely to be extra hard for the team St. Bonaventure Hospital, as they are having to deal with the challenges of the virus while also grieving the loss of Melendez. He immediately texts Lea. Both doctors catch Alice and her family in time to confidently present Shaun’s new inventive surgery of squeezing out the hyperplastic medullary part like popping a pimple instead of removing both of Alice’s adrenal glands. She lets him know, once and for all, that they will never ever work together. He added: "The rest of the season will not be about COVID. Kellan gets a panic attack. They ask her to get up. The Good Doctor Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. He has seen many hardships and doesn’t think this will be too much to handle. She and her family agree, and she is able to stand and walk, and hold little Ruby all on her own. Wes understands. He wants to know what caused this reckless behavior. It turns out that Kellan Park was also caught with one of Wes’ boys—vaping THC on hospital property. Claire is unsure as she’s scared of hurting him in the process. Lim summons Park urgently. Morgan gets irritated by Shaun’s “research.” It turns out that he’s researching the most selfish person he knows after being rejected by Lea who claimed her own neediness and selfishness as the real culprits. The Good Doctor Season 4 starts on Monday, November 2 on ABC. She tries to prepare a recipe from the woman they both cherished, and the result was none too tasty, but the night still ended in laughter. ET / 9 p.m. CT. As usual, episodes will be available to watch on the ABC website and app after they have aired on the channel. Though production on the ABC medical drama was delayed by the actual medical crisis of the coronavirus, the show will start releasing new episodes this November. They have decided to get him therapy. He suggests checking for adrenal tumors. "Fixation" The Good Doctor Season 4 is the latest network drama to release a trailer. She would need steroid replacement therapy, but it comes with adverse side-effects; the best option is to let it be as the condition is neither fatal nor progressive. Park realizes that Kellan’s anxiety is from the unsettled relationship that he and Jenny share. Upon reaching his apartment, Shaun hangs the toilet paper the way it used to be. A patient with a mysterious and undiagnosed illness that has baffled other doctors for years forces Dr. Shaun Murphy and the team to take some big risks. Luke Slattery. Lea finds Shaun waiting for her as she leaves for the day. As the residents try stabilizing her, the husband Owen (David Cubitt) and daughter Ruby (Alix West Lefler) arrive. Lea gets home urgently upon Shaun’s request only to witness how he un-alphabetized his food cans and hung the toilet paper “incorrectly” as per her liking. After a risky test involving pressure on the brain and spinal involvement, Alice’s husband pleads with his wife not to stay in San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital. She thinks Wes went overboard trying to be a hero to the boys. You must be logged in to post a comment According to her, Max has a good heart but right now he needs grownups to have his back. Director: She thinks Wes went overboard trying to be a hero to the boys. Kellan blames his dad’s erratic working hours. 'The Good Doctor' Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Trailer: New Promo Released | Culture. Max approaches Morgan to learn about Wes and realizes that the condition is deteriorating,.He reveals that he and the rest boys got tested; he’s a matching donor. It is the fifty-third episode overall, and will air on March 2, 2020. It turns out that Kellan and one of Wes’s boys, Max (Luke Slattery), were caught vaping pot inside hospital premises. Shaun stares at it. 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