box lacrosse vs field lacrosse

Box lacrosse uses hockey mask, which is also a bit lighter than the standard field lacrosse helmet. Box lacrosse goalies are heavily protected, wearing a ton more equipment than a field lacrosse goalie does. The object of the game is to use a long handled racket, known as a lacrosse stick, to catch, carry, and pass the ball in an effort to score by ultimately hurling a solid rubber lacrosse ball into an opponent's goal. In box lacrosse you play in what is usually a converted hockey rink or something similar. The accessibility of box vs field lacrosse has changed for the better. Box lacrosse has a small playing area when compared to field lacrosse played on a football field. In fact, there are a number of lacrosse camps across the US and worldwide who hold training programs in box lacrosse venues for consistent skill checks. However, we will be placing a small focus on the introduction and benefits to box lacrosse as it is the lesser-known game. In Canada, for example, the snow throughout Winter was too much for lacrosse players to be able to play their game. One of the biggest upsides to playing box lacrosse during the off-season or rainy days is the developed skill set. Which is one of the reasons we wanted to discuss the box vs field lacrosse debate here at The Hobby Kraze: we want you to be able to enjoy your hobby all the time. The shot clock rule in box lacrosse is almost identical to basketball, where as soon as a team gains possession of the ball they will have 30 seconds to get a shot on net. We also know that popular opinion only means so much. 10 Useful Tips on How To Cradle In Lacrosse Like A Pro! Both lacrosse games are physical games, but when it comes to finding which play between box vs field lacrosse is more physical-contact-based, it is box lacrosse. So, if it’s too sunny, the air-conditioned indoor arena can help you out. Meaning everything else must be reduced in size to compensate. Can You Take Lacrosse Gear On Your Carry On Bags? They will typically wear the following; shin guards, helmet, shoulder pads, gloves, and protective shoes. In box lacrosse, the sticks are considerably shorter on account of the size of the play area. And, with that the box vs field lacrosse choice came to be. The most obvious difference between the two major variations of men’s lacrosse is the field of play. Box lacrosse is also sometimes referred to as indoor lacrosse, and is typically played on an ice hockey rink when the ice has been removed, or in indoor soccer fields. The stringing style is designed to hold on tight to the ball. This manoeuvre is a transitional skill for many other sports and games such as soccer and football. I am the footer call-to-action block, here you can add some relevant/important information about your company or product. However, it is not the only type. As well as this, another difference between the box vs field lacrosse sticks is that there are no size differences. In fact, there are so many changes to the game that may actually make you believe that box lacrosse is more like basketball. The goalie for outdoor lacrosse only wears gloves, a chest protector, helmet and a throat guard. ), Hard Mesh Vs Soft Mesh: Pros & Cons Of Both. Many camps offer both women and men’s camps on a similar alternating rotation. Because box lacrosse uses more pinching than field lacrosse, the stick netting is different. And, averaging around 42-inches in length, these sticks are much shorter when attacking the opponent’s game strategy. Yet, there are so many benefits to playing box lacrosse that you should be able to have an open mind to heading indoors. It’s a lot smaller than a standard outdoor field and also the rinks walls are in play. As established, the field lacrosse players have three options: defense, attack or goalie.

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