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Family & Caste. [12], Although to outsiders they remain as a single non-hierarchical group, to Srēṣṭha themselves there are two major divisions within the caste which in theory and till recent times practiced caste-endogamy, non-commensality, dining restrictions, and other caste-status denoting activities between each other. All other castes revolve around they, as they preside over as the patron of all other caste groups. Prior to Nepal’s unification, Srēṣṭha was a collective high-status title given to those Hindu clans referred to as 'Bhāju' (from Sanskrit bhadralok) who served as the key non-Brahmin class of ruling, administrative and merchant class of the Malla courts. Asmi Shrestha, talks about her life and goals. During his college days, they all got involved in the college rock circuit and Sanam started participating in various singing competitions and won each one of them. Modelling was more of a gateway for me to enter pageants. [19] This group also consist of the "fallen" Brahmins - Joshī, the astrologers; and Karmāchārya, the Tantric priests - both of which once part of Rājopadhyāyā Brāhmin caste but due to their disregard of Brahmanical percepts (like marrying non-Brahmin brides) are now “degraded” to Kshatriya status - are regarded as non-Brahmins performing the duties of Hindu priests in the various shrines of the Valley. He is in a relationship with Asmi Shrestha, Miss Nepal 2016. Sanam Puri was on Thursday, 30 June 1992 (age 28 years; as in 2020) in Muscat, Oman. I feel that using social media compulsively has often created insecurities and feelings of inadequacy in me. Trisha Krishnan Age, Height, Biography, Affairs, Boyfriend, Husband, Family, Wiki and Body Measurements. I have travelled to eight countries altogether. For the surname, see, Patrons of the society as Newar Kṣatriyas, Communist Party of Nepal (Unity Centre–Masal), "Himalayan Anthropology: The Indo-Tibetan Interface", "Mithila, Maithili and Maithil: the Field in Historical Context",,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, A अ – Amatya (अमात्य) also called Mahaju (महाजु), Bh भ – Bharo (भाराे), Bhariju (भारिजु), Bhadel*** (भँडेल), Dh ढ – Dhaubhadel (धौभदेल), Daiwagya (दैवग्य), G ग – Gonga: (गोँग), Guruwacharya (गुरुवाचार्य), Kh ख – Khyargoli (ख्यर्गोली), Khwakhali (ख्वखली), L ल- Lakhey (लाखे), Lacoul (लकौल), Layeku (लएकु), O व - WantOnta (ओन्त), Ojhathanchhe (वझथंछेँ), T त – Talchabhadel (ताल्चाभडेल), Timila (तिमीला), This page was last edited on 10 August 2020, at 09:32. Their relationship is complementary; a priest must have a patron, a patron must have a priest. It was Venky who reconnected all the members of the band, and in 2010, they all participated in a national competition called “Times Music Supastars” as “SQS Project.”, Under the name of SQS Supastars/Project, the band released their first album titled “Supastars.”. I try to find a balance between what I love to do and financial stability. It blocks them from going ahead. Photo Courtesy: A S M I instagaram. These include Malla, the ritual kings and descendants of Mallas; Amātya/Rathore, the ministers; Pradhān and Pradhānaņga, the chief ministers and military chiefs; Rājbhandāri, the royal treasurers and chamberlains; Kāyastha, the scribes; Chandela, Hādā, Pātravaṃśh, of royal descent; Rājvaṃśī/Raghuvamśī, of Raghu descent; Māské, royal functionaries; and Rāj Vaidhya, royal ayurvedic physicians. As descending from the noble houses of the Malla courts, the Kshatriyas (locally pronounced Chatharīya) are second in line in the traditional caste-bound view, their social superiority evidenced through their strict endogamous marriage relations within Chatharīyas, disallowing marriages with the Pāñchthariya-status Srēṣṭhas and other lower groups. Soaltee Hotel Limited (SHL), a pioneer in Nepal’s hospitality sector, owns the Soaltee Crowne Plaza (Kathmandu), a 12-acre five-star deluxe hotel. According to him, if not a singer, he would have been a game designer or a cook. It is the preferred hotel for heads of states visiting Kathamandu. Śrēṣṭha (Nepal Bhasa: श्रेष्ठ) is a Nepalese surname meaning "noble” or "great” in Sanskrit. [9], The use of the word Chatharīya seems to have been derived only since the 16th/17th century from the attempts of few powerful and highly influential Kṣatriya lineages of the time, like the Pradhān and Rathore nobles, to demarcate themselves as a separate, higher group from other high-caste Srēṣṭhas. Among the 'pure' castes, a Srēṣṭha invites the Brāhman to perform Vedic rituals, the Karmācharya Achāju for Tantric rituals, Jyāpus to till his land, Nāu barbers to perform ritual cleaning, Chitrakārs to paint his deities and house, the Tāmrākārs to make ritual utensils, Halwāis to make ritual confections, etc. [23][24] Believed to be of Vaishya origin, well-renowned and traditional Pāñchthariya families include -, sweetmakers Madhika:mi(माधि:कर्मी); metal-workers Nyāchhyoñ(न्याछोँ); money-lenders and tenants Kācchipati(काछिपती); traditional merchant clan Shahukahala (शाहुखल); others include Bhaju (भाजु), Deoju (देउजु), Nāeju (नायजु), Chhipi (छिपी), Bhocchibhoya (भोचिभोया), Duwal (दुवल), Singh (सिंह), Sakhakarmi (साख:कर्मी), Syāyabaji (स्याबजी). These Chatharīya are unequivocal in their association with the Mallas and they claim descent of former Malla, Karnat and other Rajput rulers, and that many of them have an ancestry tied to present-day India. [31], This article is about the caste. "Shrestha" itself was later adopted as the specific family surname by members of this high-caste Hindu group, although there are over 50 other recognized surnames of Srēṣṭhas. [3] Despite their numerically low national population, their high-status and socio-economic capital puts Śreṣṭhas amongst the most privileged and politically over-represented segments of Nepali population.[4]. With modern times, many Pāñchthariya families adopted the name ‘Shrestha’ as their common surname instead of their traditional and archaic family-names. Their parents used to force them to sing in parties. In 2003, Venky S or Venkat Subramaniyam (bass guitar) and Samar Puri who were batchmates in their school decided to form a band; Samar took Sanam as a vocalist in the band. [20] In Kathmandu this group also include the descendants of the pre-Malla era Vaishya-Thakuri dynasty who stylise themselves as Thakoo(थकू). [29] Similarly, outside Nepal, for instance in Darjeeling and Sikkim, almost all the Newars used ‘Pradhān’, another high-caste Srēṣṭha surname, as their common name. He doesn’t like listening to songs. This quintessential Brahmānic Hindu tradition is the basis of which in local Newar customs, the Rājopadhyāyā Brāhman is given superior status to the Kșatriya Srēṣṭha even though the societal functions entirely depend on the Srēṣṭha's role as patrons. It was when he came to Mumbai, where he finally realized his love for music. In a year’s time, I see myself as a more independent and strong woman and a confident facilitator. Most Chatharīyas consider themselves as the Raghuvanshi Kṣatriya descendants of the Karnat king Hari Simha Dev (14th century CE) and the entourage that came along with him to Kathmandu Valley with the attack of the Tirhut kingdom by Ghiyath al-Din Tughluq of Tughluq dynasty in 1324 CE. Both Sanam and Samar used to compose songs for their parents whenever they wanted to give them a surprise. Many Srēṣṭha clans also act as chief patrons of various local deities and temples, performing the role of the protector of the various local traditions, jatras, rituals. [17][18] Presently, they claim direct descent from the previous ruling dynasties of Malla, Lichhavi, Karnat, among others. The term Chatharīya is the derivative of the word ‘Kshatriya’, the second varna of the traditional Hindu varnashrama comprising kings, warriors and administrators. A typical day … If there is no work, you will mostly find me chilling at home. SMART FAMILY magazine (Registration Number 226/073/074) is published 12 times a year. Asmi Shrestha belongs to the latter. As much as it is of a great benefit, I still want to make sure I am not addicted to it. It is his duty to perform his dharma, his duties as the provider and protector of the Brāhman, his society and his nation. However, I am sure that with the right kind of nurturing environment and guidance, we can help them step out of their comfort zone.

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