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On March 20, April held their second Japanese fan-meeting titled "[#April JAPAN FANMEETING 2017~April Story~]" at Shinagawa Intercity Hall, Tokyo. Jehyun from 1TEAM: 4-20-1999 Rhea from Live High: 4-15-1993 [46] The group made Japanese debut on April 25 with the releasing Japanese version of their 2016 single "Tinkerbell". Somin. The remaining five members released the single album Boing Boing, including the title track "Muah!" All Months: K-Pop Idols born in January, K-Pop Idols born in February, K-Pop Idols born in March, K-Pop Idols born in April, K-Pop Idols born in May, K-Pop Idols born in June, K-Pop Idols born in July, K-Pop Idols born in August, K-Pop Idols born in September, K-Pop Idols born in October, K-Pop Idols born in November, K-Pop Idols born in December. Jay Park from 2PM (Soloist): 4-25-1987 Daon from TO.1: 4-7-1998 and the B-side "Glass Castle" on November 25. Woojin from TheEastLight: 4-3-2003, April 4: Ken from VIXX: 4-6-1992 Euiwoong from Yuehua Projet: 4-5-2001 APRIL was formed by DSP Media in 2015, and is currently composed of six members: Chaekyung, Chaewon, Naeun, Yena, Rachel and Jinsol. On October 29, Hyunjoo announced her departure from April, following a seven-month hiatus, in order to pursue an acting career. Hyojin from ONF: 4-22-1994 [28] From February 16, they also performed on M Countdown with the track "Wow". Jiho from Oh My Girl: 4-4-1997 South Korea, Visual, Vocalist, Rapper, Face of the Group, Gongju, South Chungcheong Province, The group is composed of six members: Chaekyung, Chaewon, Naeun, Yena, Rachel and Jinsol. [29], On April 4, they released the tennis-court-themed music video for the single "Sting", through the first episode of their reality program A-IF-Ril. Sebin from SNUPER: 4-24-1996 TAG from Golden Child: 4-13-1998 Flowsik (Soloist): 4-5-1985            Areum from T-ARA: 4-19-1994 Joel from ATEEN: 4-25-2000 Please support all idols no matter where they are from or […] Complémentaire santé d’entreprise Découvrir. Siwon from Super Junior: 4-7-1986 Kpop - Who Wore it Better? [21] New group members were confirmed in November: Chaekyung,[22] who had previously appeared as a guest member, and Rachel. Bento theme by Satori. Kpop Girl Group Profiles [16], The group's second EP, Spring, was released on April 27. Sangho from INX: 4-6-1995 [23][24], April released their third EP Prelude as a six-member group on January 3, 2017,[25][26] with the title track "April Story" (Korean: 봄의 나라 이야기). [43][44], On February 26, 2018, DSP Media confirms that April's full group comeback was set for March 12, with the group's fifth EP The Blue along with the title track "The Blue Bird" .[45]. [38] The group also performed a concert in Korea on Christmas Day titled "2017 SPECIAL CHRISTMAS APRIL EVE". Zica from JJCC: 4-17-1992 Baekkyung from 1TYM: 4-12-1979 Kangjun from C-CLOWN: 4-21-1994 Yujin from Hi Cutie: 4-16-2003, April 17: Da Hye from ICE: 4-13-1994 Yoon Chae-kyung also participated in both concerts as a guest member. Design by MPC / 엠피씨 / © Copyright MPC/ 엠피씨 2018 Located at Seoul Global Startup Center, Livraison a partir de 12,90 euros via FEDEX EXPRESS, Seoul Global Startup Center, Hanganro 3ga 11, Yongsan-gu Seoul. Haneul from BADKIZ/Hot Place: 4-26-1992 Riwon from LPG: 4-4-1991 Girls Genaration’s Hyoyeon vs BlackPink’s Jennie. Woojin from Stray Kids: 4-8-1997, April 9: [37], On October 18, it was announced that the group will hold their second Japanese solo concert titled "APRIL 2nd LIVE CONCERT IN JAPAN 2017 Youngjoo from Black Pearl: 4-11-1987 Moonhee from BONUSBaby and MyB: 4-25-1997 Past members: Nom : April: Nom alternatif : 에이프릴: Début de carrière : 2015: Label : Mingyu from Seventeen: 4-6-1997 Sujin from NEP: 4-6-1991 L to R: Jinsol, Yena, Chaewon, Chaekyung, Rachel, Naeun, "April debuts with hopeful song 'Dream Candy, "DSP to Unveil New Girl Group April in 2015", "[V Report] Rookie girl group April makes debut", "April′s So Min to Leave Group After Just 3 Months", "April to Release Special Single ′Snowman′ on December 21", "April to Hold a Concert on Valentine's Day", "April Releases Album Cover for ′Spring′", "April Successfully Completes 1st Anniversary Solo Concert", "에이프릴 현주, 탈퇴 후 연기 활동..DSP "멤버 충원" [공식입장]", "April welcome 2 new members to the group! Miso from A.DE: 4-29-2000 Nancy from Momoland and Sunny Girls: 4-13-2000 Zion.T (Soloist): 4-13-1989 Taera from GeeGu: 4-12-1994 APRIL (에이프릴) is a six-member girl group under DSP Media. Zhoumi from Super Junior: 4-19-1986 South Korea, Daegu, North Gyeongsang, Yeongsang from MBK Boys: 4-6-1997 Hyeran from Brave Girls: 4-9-1993 Zion from GP Basic: 4-6-1996 Fandom Chaejin from LAYSHA and LXIA: 4-26-1991 0Channel from OffOnOff: 4-16-1994 Label(s) -Naeun & Jinsoul (APRIL) released a project called ” Matter of Time” on March 1st 2020 -Naeun is friends with MOMOLAND ‘s Daisy and IZ*ONE ‘s Chaeyeon -Naeun, SECHSKIES’s Eun Ji Won, and comedian Moon Se Yoon all joined the tvN variety show “High School Meal King”-Naeun is the loudest and hyper member of the group. Queen from Z-Girls: 4-2-1997 As combined, 'April' makes the meaning of 'the best, lovely girls'. Youngmin from Boyfriend: 4-24-1995 Woonggi from TOO: 4-23-2002, April 24: Kpop Quizzes Jiheon from fromis_9: 4-17-2003, April 18: Seokjin from N.CUS: 4-3-1996 April also stylized as APRIL is a South Korean girl group formed by DSP Media in 2015. [36], On September 20, their fourth EP Eternity was released along with the title track "Take My Hand" . Soyoon from Pocket Girls: 4-26-1990 Ray from C-CLOWN: 4-19-1994 Complémentaire santé pro, complémentaire santé collective, responsabilité civile professionnelle, prévoyance pro, assurance de prêt… Découvrez nos solutions d'assurances PRO adaptées à votre métier et dédiées à votre secteur d’activité. [20] Another concert was held in Tokyo, Japan, on October 15. Hyunseung from 415: 4-15-1997 Jungbin from Tahiti: 4-2-1990 On January 30, 2019, the agency announced the release of a new single album. Gabin from Live High: 4-19-1993 Rookie from ATEEN: 4-19-2001, April 20: How much did you appreciate Motte’s Rocket era? Sunwoo from The Boyz: 4-12-2000 Vos données personnelles seront utilisées pour vous accompagner au cours de votre visite du site web, gérer l’accès à votre compte, et pour d’autres raisons décrites dans notre politique de confidentialité. Doyool from 14U: 4-7-1997 Eunhyuk from Super Junior: 4-4-1986 JMVOK from Limitless (Soloist): 4-11-1995 Kady from GeeGu: 4-7-1995 [1][2][3] The group is composed of six members: Chaekyung, Chaewon, Naeun, Yena, Rachel and Jinsol. Soeun from BADKIZ/Hot Place: 4-30-1995 Chaeyoung from Twice: 4-23-1999 [15] On February 18, April won the Girl Group Rookie of the Year award at the 22nd Korean Entertainment Arts Awards. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); They really popped up out the cuts with a whooole banger. Johyun from Berry Good: 4-14-1996 Yerim from Littles: 4-5-1998 The single would sung by a special unit composed by Naeun and Jinsol, both members of APRIL… Here is a list of the Kpop Girl Groups, Boy Groups, Co-Ed, Duets and Soloists born in April! KARA PROJECT (Survival Show) Contestants Profile. Dohye from Ye-A: 4-27-1991    Who wore it better? Découvre les dernières nouveautés Kpop en direct de Seoul. Moos from Madtown: 4-29-1991 Younha (Soloist): 4-29-1988 Jongkook from Turbo: 4-25-1976 All Months: K-Pop Idols born in January, K-Pop Idols born in February, K-Pop Idols born in March, K-Pop Idols born in April, K-Pop Idols born in May, K-Pop … Lina from N*White: 4-14-1993 According to DSP Media, "Da Capo" is a musical term which means "from the beginning". KB from OnlyOneOf: 4-23-1992 Jaehyung from A-JAX: 4-2-1990 Yeowool from Purple Beck: 4-11-1998, April 12: Hyunsuk from Treasure13: 4-21-1999, April 22: Juntae from TREI: 4-14-1997 Bon from BZ BOYS: 4-26-1993 Daewon from NOIR: 4-18-2000, April 19: My Mistake". April (Korean: 에이프릴) is a South Korean girl group formed by DSP Media. Kuro (Soloist): 4-29-1994 Heejung from Temporary Idols: 4-16-1992 Related Wikis All information is pulled off the website, if there are errors please let me know and I will fix the information! Vinxen (Soloist): 4-20-2000, April 21: Sitemap Jinhwan from The Man BLK: 4-28-1993 They debuted on August 24, 2015, with the mini-album Dreaming and its title track 'Dream Candy'. Nautilus (Soloist): 4-14-1993 [17][18] During promotions for Spring, Hyunjoo took a temporary hiatus from the group due to health issues, and April promoted as a four-member group.[19]. Luhan from EXO: 4-20-1990 Jucy from EvoL: 4-24-1992 Sungjin from K-Tigers Zero: 4-20-1996 Yumi from LPG: 4-5-1983 Jaehee from MIND U: 4-28-1993 APRIL(エイプリル、朝: 에이프릴 )は、韓国のガールズグループ。 DSPメディア所属。 2015年 8月24日にミニアルバム「Dreaming」でデビュー。. AKi from LedApple: 4-27-1993 Sungsub from N.CUS: 4-3-1997 Concept photo for "Hello Summer" Yunji from Playback: 4-4-1992 Haein from Gangkiz: 4-19-1986 The group name is made up of 'A' and 'pril'. Minhee from Bambino: 4-2-1992 Hoseong from A.FACT: 4-6-1995 August 24, 2015 April also stylized as APRIL is a South Korean girl group formed by DSP Media in 2015. Hyunmin from Rainz and K-Tigers Zero: 4-17-1999 BIC from MCND: 4-25-2001, April 26: Information about your use of the site is shared with Google, who may combine it with other information you’ve provided to them or they’ve collected from your use of their services. Double.D from BZ BOYS: 4-16-1997 [27] On February 14, they performed a cover of Apink's "Luv" for the 100th episode of The Show. Arin from Icia: 4-26-1994 K.A.R.D Members Profile: K.A.R.D Facts, K.A.R.D’s Ideal Type K.A.R.D (카드) (also stylized as KARD) is a Korean a co-ed group consisting of 4 members: J.Seph, BM, Somin and Jiwoo.They are under DSP Media. -", "April to Include Two New Members Chae Kyung and Rachel", "April to Release First Album as 6 Member Group", "April JAPAN FANMEETING 2017~April Story~ - チケットぴあ[イベント ショー・ファンイベントのチケッ", "April surprise fans with an MV for 'Sting' -", "APRIL's New Variety Show Reveals Title And Format Details", "[INFO] 'APRIL's Secret' videos are also uploaded on yangstarTV's official Youtube account. Chloe from AS1: 4-6-1994 [32], On May 29, April released their second single album, Mayday. Hyunjoo Kpop Discographies On August 24, 2015, she debuted in DSP's new girl group, APRIL, with their first mini album Dreaming, and its title song "Dream Candy". Youi from Dreamnote: 4-24-2000, April 25: Minji from K-Tigers Zero: 4-1-1999, April 2: The single also contains the Japanese version of the b-side track "Yes, sir!" Wonpil from Day6: 4-28-1994 Sara from Scarlet: 4-23-1992 Jinho from Pentagon: 4-17-1992 Yunhway (Soloist): 4-6-1995 [31] On May 8, the group's second reality program of the year, April Secret, began airing on Naver TV. Username or email address  *, Username  *, Email address  *, Password  *. Please support all idols no matter where they are from or what group they are in! Wheein from Mamamoo: 4-17-1995 Minsung from Sunny Hill: 4-13-1986 Hana from Gugudan: 4-30-19- 93 Hyeji from 4TEN: 4-2-1992

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