2007 election results

In addition to the PNM and the UNC the Congress of the People (COP) a breakaway party from the UNC contested the elections. 15019 - Voter Turnout: (56.08%), Box Count Status: For information on current MSPs see the MSPs page.Additional information about MSPs can be found in the Scottish Parliament Fact Sheets.. See Holyrood Highlights video for election highlights. 16879 - Voter Turnout: (56.01%), Box Count Status: [150] Key issue questions swung Labor's way. 121/121 (100.00%) - Eligible Voters: 21001 - Total Voting: 9768 - Voter Turnout: (60.00%), Box Count Status: 83 Seats won. In addition to previous education funding announcements, Rudd promised Labor would provide an additional 65,000 apprenticeships, migrate all schools to new high speed broadband, and provide all year 9–12 students with access to their own computer. According to Robb, a "search of public records" indicated that the 13 candidates may have still been employed by government agencies, boards or offices, and that the Liberal Party may consider legal challenges to their election. Prime Minister Manning condemned the violence.  However, the voting went off in relative peace. A uniform swing would see 18–25 seats fall to Labor, The Australian said. "[129] In October 2007, Howard "admitted breaking a promise to keep interest rates at record lows". 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The new industrial relations program, Carr said, angered the "Howard battlers" – the traditional Labor voters who had supported Howard for most of the last 11 years – because they saw it as a direct attack on their livelihood.[137]. 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[27] The leadership ballot was held on Thursday 29 November. [122] The share of voters concerned about industrial relations grew from 31 per cent to 53 per cent in the two years to June 2006, with around three-fifths of voters backing Labor's ability to handle the issue over the Liberal Party. 96/96 (100.00%) - Eligible Voters: 16973 - Total Voting: 15745 - Voter Turnout: (66.31%), Box Count Status: Howard increased his Preferred PM rating up one per cent to 39 per cent, while Rudd increased his rating up one per cent to 48 per cent. There must be a minimum of 33 days and a maximum of 68 days between the dissolution of the House of Representatives and the day of the election. The parties contesting the election were the incumbent People's National Movement (PNM), the official opposition United National Congress–Alliance (a coalition of the UNC and six smaller parties), the Congress of the People (a UNC splinter group), the Tobago United Front–Democratic Action Congress (a Tobago-based party) and the Democratic National Assembly (a new party based in Tobago).   Both the PNM and the COP fielded candidates in all 41 constituencies while the UNC endorsed 39 candidates.Â, In October some pre-election violence was reported. 106/106 (100.00%) - Eligible Voters: 26573 - Total Voting: All 150 seats in the House of Representatives and 40 of the seats in the 76-member Senate were up for election. 74-year old Mr. Panday lost his seat in the outgoing legislature after failing to declare a bank account that he and his wife held in London (see note 2). [82] Howard said he believed Costello "creamed" his opponent, while Rudd said Swan did a "fantastic job". [117], Election night was covered extensively by three of the Australian free-to-air networks, from the National Tally Room: ABC Television, the Nine Network and the Seven Network. Count by count results of the 2007 Irish General Election from The Irish Times 9961 - Voter Turnout: (57.09%), Box Count Status: 108/108 (100.00%) - Eligible Voters: 25167 - Total Voting: 8977 - Voter Turnout: (59.17%), Box Count Status: [24] In a departure from Labor tradition, the ministry was selected by Kevin Rudd as the prime minister, rather than by Caucus.[25]. [101] At their launch, the Coalition pledged a rebate for education costs, including private school fees, of all Australian children, totalling $9.4 billion. 16791 - Voter Turnout: (63.19%), Box Count Status: He pledged to lead the twin-island nation to a "developed status" by 2020. The table below only refers to the council seats that were contested on 3 May. 117/117 (100.00%) - Eligible Voters: 17236 - Total Voting: A plan to tackle child poverty in Wales includes free childcare in poorer areas for two-year-olds. The introduction of the group voting ticket at the 1984 election saw the number of informal votes drop dramatically. 12588 - Voter Turnout: (64.27%), Box Count Status: [94] In response, Labor accused the Coalition of having "hauled up the white flag in the fight against inflation", saying that they had backflipped from their past statements that they could keep interest rates low.

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