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Below is a map for all callouts from the Cache map in CS:GO. The T Spawn is located in an open field on the side opposite to the CTs. Boston 2018 Cache Souvenir Package. Please see the. Updated the BSP embedded radar map image to the new version. A Main is an alternate path to Bombsite A. Opposite to Balcony is a large stack of boxes known as Boost Boxes, which can only be accessed via boosting a teammate, but provides a situationally useful hiding spot. Originally a custom map for Counter-Strike: Source, it was remade for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with rebalances to fix the original's Terrorist-sided issues. Your morning cheat sheet to get you caught up on what you need to know in tech. Everything we know about the upcoming Cache update in CSGO. Forklift is the location around and behind (under balcony) the forklift vehicle located on A Site. On the 15th August 2018, FMPONE tweeted out a picture of the cache radar map overview with a green tick on CT spawn [1]. 37 Steam Market Listings. Phoenix Connexion It connects to Checkers and Bombsite B via two open gates. Cobblestone is a bomb defusal map set in France that been existent in many iterations of Counter-Strike. Added graffiti to commemorate ESL One Cologne 2016. $12.79. Unlike other places to view callouts, Total CS:GO's callout database is accurate for the latest versions of maps (e.g. Fixed issue where grenades would get stuck on thin wall panels. Quad is the name given to the location that surrounds the big stack of four boxes at the back of A Site. Dust II is the most iconic bomb defusal map in Counter-Strike, and a favorite of many CS:GO players. B Halls refers to the area (inside the building) between B Main, Sun Room, Dumpster, and the exit to T Spawn. It is a large, open area with a small building on one side (known as Mid Roofs) and is otherwise empty. An elevated platform called Balcony can be accessed from a ladder near Highway. Counter-Strike Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Cache Whilst the weather is sunny, the map has a very dull feel to it, probably created in large by the assortment of gray buildings and bunkers that make up its surroundings. GIGN The area is primarily connected to B Halls via an open gate, but Vents from mid connects to a pathway on the side of the area known as Checkers (named after the checkered floor the area has). Boost is the roof on the T-Side of mid (opposite Vents) that can only be accessed by jumping on a teammate's head ("boosting"), or by successfully making a tricky jump/strafe from mid. Inferno is a bomb defusal map located in Italy that has been a classic to play on since its addition in the very earliest days of Counter-Strike. Bomb Defusal Garage refers to the large Garage building that sits between T Spawn and Mid. Fixed buggy wallbangs at A main and B halls. The map contains several signs with the word "ЧАЕС" printed on them, the letters stand for. A truck is parked near the corner from the path from CT Spawn, giving good cover for CT snipers to look into A Main. The Ts can attack Bombsite A by going right into Long A or A Main, attack Middle by go forwards through the Garage or boosting teammates onto Boost near A Main, or turn left and attack Bombsite B from B Halls. If you have a related Youtube channel, enter the URL. While there's a short list of things you can do to troubleshoot the problem, the first among these should be clearing your download cache, which can help Steam run more smoothly. Headshot is the lower area on the Hell/Heaven side of B Site. This refers to the area behind the boxes at the back of B Site.

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